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Measuring up iGaging Savings

Measuring up iGaging Savings

All items below are on special through...

Double Squares


Now comes with metric and imperial measurement blades! Produced to the US standard (0.02mm...


Cast Combination Square System


Now Standard With Metric Blade! Combination square sets are one of the handiest measuring tools as...


Digital 3-in-1 Mortice Gauge


Instead of a single wheel, this gauge has a heavy-duty pin for chatter-free marking along, across...


Depth Measuring Base for Verniers


The iGaging Depth Measuring Base allows the conversion of a standard caliper into a stable depth...


Rule Stop Suits 300mm Flat Rule


Designed specifically for use with the iGaging 300mm Flat Rule, it converts your standard rule to...


EZCal Digital Vernier Calipers


Not all verniers are created equal. In fact the iGaging EZCal digital vernier calipers are almost...


Stainless 300mm Rule


A stainless rule that is handy for use in the workshop. It is 12in long with 1/32th graduations on...


Magnetic Base LED Magnifier


Need a clearly lit and magnified viewing area when working? iGaging have developed a premium...


Aluminium 968mm Straight Edge


While not as accurate as the iGaging steel straight edges, this economical straight edge will suit...

Result Item 1 to 10 of 20