All goods sold by Timbecon Pty Ltd will carry a minimum two-year warranty, regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty. Timbecon will cover any gap between the manufacturer’s warranty up to and including this two-year period.

The warranty does not cover willful misuse of the product from what it was originally designed for, nor does it cover user neglect of the product. The warranty specifically covers manufacturing defects and/or inability to perform the task as advertised by Timbecon when used correctly.

Warranties may be granted without returning the product if you are able to provide clear photographs showing the nature of the defect. If this is not possible, then you must pay the freight to have the goods returned to us or to an authorized repairer/distributor to confirm warranty. If the item is not deemed to be warranty, then the cost of freight to and from the nominated return address is to be payable by you. If the item needs to be repaired/replaced under warranty, we will cover the return freight to you and refund your freight cost to send it to us.

Sherwood Five Year Warranty

Timbecon has been proudly selling the Sherwood brand of machinery since 1996 and thousands of people have relied on them for years. We are proud to announce that all Sherwood machinery sold from 1st January 2015 is now covered by a 5-Year Warranty.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects and/or breakages of major components not expected to fail in the first five-year period of use. The warranty does not cover parts that wear out over time - such as drive belts, rubber tyres on bandsaw wheels, capacitors, blades etc. but will cover components such as castings and other items expected to have a long service life.  

Whenever you see Sherwood logo you know it’s a machine you can rely on for many years to come!

Torquata Lifetime Warranty

The Torquata range of products is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. We expect items in the Torquata range - such as clamps, router bits, saw blades to last and any breakages and/or defects as a result of manufacturing will be replaced free-of-charge.

When obvious mis-use that could have caused the damage is visible (bent handles on sash clamps that indicate they have been cantilever tightened so hard it has caused the clamp to break, or a router bit has been sharpened so many times there is no carbide left) then the warranty will not apply, however in normal use we expect all the products to last a lifetime and therefore we back them with the same warranty time period.