iGaging EZ-View Pro Digital Read Out - 1320mm

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    iGaging EZ-View Pro Digital Read Out - 1320mm IG-35-EF-52

    iGaging's 1320mm (52in) Digital Readout makes affordable high-tech woodworking a breeze!

    iGaging's EZ-View Pro DRO can be adapted to any number of woodworking machines such as router lifts or fences, planers, table saws, or metalworking/engineering tools such as milling machines, metal lathes etc. The sensor is connected to the read-out with a 1300mm cord that can be disconnected for easy installation and access.

    The large, easy to read display reads metric in 0.05mm increments as well as decimalised and fractional imperial in 1/64in increments and measures at 120" per second. The readout can be easily installed using magnets, double face tape, or screws. Vertical and horizontal slider mounting hardware is included.

    • 52in Measuring Capacity
    • EZ View High Intensity LCD Display
    • Easy to use Calibration and Preset functions
    • Resolution: 0.0005in / 0.01mm
    • Installation parts and brackets included
    • Detailed Installation Instrictions included
    • IP65 Protective rating against water and dust
    • 2 power sources: Battery (CR2032) and Micro USB AC
    $125.00 (inc GST)

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