We always say Incra products come with a warning - the accuracy and ease-of-use of their products are addictive.

After inventing and refining his first two products, Chris Taylor founded the company in January 1987 and immediately introduced the INCRA Positioning Jig and the INCRA Gauge. Before he started inventing woodworking tools full-time, Chris was an electrical engineer and serious woodworker. And what a benefit his full-time dedication to inventing has had on woodworkers using Incra's products.

From the evolution of fences from the Original Incra Jig, through to the (now discontinued) Ultra Jig and now the current-generation LS technology fence systems, you cannot find accuracy and repeatability in any other routing or saw fence that the Incra LS positioners deliver time and time again. But not stopping there, Incra also deliver accuracy and repeatability with their Mitre Guide and Measuring Tool range.

When you have experienced how great their products are, its very easy to become tempted to replace your existing tools with the Incra equivalents as it WILL take your woodworking to the next level.