After inventing and refining his first two products, Chris Taylor founded the company in January 1987 and immediately introduced the INCRA Positioning Jig and the INCRA Gauge. Before he started inventing woodworking tools full-time, Chris was an electrical engineer and serious woodworker. And what a benefit his full-time dedication to inventing has had on woodworkers using Incra's products.

From the evolution of fences from the Original Incra Jig, through to the (now discontinued) Ultra Jig and now the current-generation LS technology fence systems, you cannot find accuracy and repeatability in any other routing or saw fence that the Incra LS positioners deliver time and time again. But not stopping there, Incra also deliver accuracy and repeatability with their Mitre Guide and Measuring Tool range.

We always say Incra products come with a warning - the accuracy and ease-of-use of their products are addictive. When you have experienced how great their products are, its very easy to become tempted to replace your existing tools with the Incra equivalents as it WILL take your woodworking to the next level. 

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  • 160mm Precision Protractor IRP-100

    Incra have reinvented the protractor by putting extra long guide slots at every 45°, 30°, 22.5°, 5°, 1° and 0.5° interval to plot any angle with ease and absolute accuracy. If you take a few seconds to remove the T-bar you will also have an excellent 160mm rule with micro-fine marking holes at every 1mm.

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    $49.90 (inc GST)
  • Aluminium Fence Tracks

    From $49.90 (inc GST)
  • I-Box Jointing Jig IBOX

    The new Incra I-Box is the most advanced tool ever produced for creating a stunning variety of box & finger joints. Its revolutionary design allows faster setup, greater versatility, and improved user safety compared to traditional jigs. At the same time, it's easy to use and the included 1-hour instructional DVD covers everything from basic setup to advanced decorative joinery.

    This versatile design works on both table saws and router tables, and it's available to fit standard 19.0 x 9.5mm standard mitre slots. The I-Box is an evolutionary leap forward from conventional box joint methods and the I-Box's dual pitch lead screw mechanics easily micro-adjust joint tightness & provide a massive 3.2 - 19.0mm range of pin widths. It's capable of making good fitting box joints using any width cutter within that range into timber from 6.4 - 25.4mm thick.

    The advantages continue far beyond the basics: I-Box-exclusive joints like the Center Keyed Box Joint can be used to produce symmetric patterns on any width timber, allowing you the flexibility to create joinery that matches existing project plans rather than altering board widths to fit the limited possibilities of traditional box joint jigs.

    The Splined Box Joint is yet another INCRA-only decorative joint that's guaranteed to add wow-factor to your projects, and the I-Box can even be used to produce an unlimited variety of classic dentil mouldings!

    Nothing says "craftsmanship" like adding solid wood hinges to your projects, and the I-Box can be used in conjunction with the INCRA HingeCrafter to produce wooden hinges in four different barrel diameters and in lengths up to 250mm. 

    If you've been looking to improve your shop's joinery capabilities with a fast, versatile, and easy to use method for producing box joints of all descriptions, the INCRA I-Box is what you've been waiting for.

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    $299.00 (inc GST)
  • Incra Precision Bend Rules

    Incra Bend Rules make dual-surface layouts a snap using the corner slots. It also provides zero-parallax measuring on any flat surface. Micro-fine marking holes at every ¼mm instantly locate your sharp pencil point exactly on target with zero uncertainty and no eye-strain! The? 90° shape holds it snugly in place and there are even two vertical end scales for drawing precision parallel lines relative to the edge of your work.

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    From $29.90 (inc GST)
  • Incra Precision T-Rules

    With the addition of a fence you can now quickly and accurately mark anything from a work piece edge, as well as use the T-rule as an accurate layout square. Slide the fence along the work piece with 0.5mm mechanical pencil or scribe in place to use as a marking/mortice gauge too. The end has height marking slots 50mm high to expand its usefulness even more. 

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    From $34.90 (inc GST)
  • Incra Rule Pencil IRPENCIL

    We include this pencil with every rule purchase but this great quality 0.5mm mechanical pencil is also available separately. Great for use with both the range of Incra rules and other measuring tools but also separately for anything else in the workshop or onsite.

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    $2.00 (inc GST)
  • LS Joinery Table Combo's

    From $1,149.00 (inc GST)
  • LS Super System Table Combo's

    From $1,999.00 (inc GST)
  • LS Table Saw Fence System

    From $849.00 (inc GST)
  • Metric Rack Set of 5 IMR-1

    $18.00 (inc GST)
  • Metric ShopStop ISM-2

    $59.90 (inc GST)
  • Miter 1000 High-Def Mitre Guide Metric IM-1000-MHD

    How do you make the Miter 1000 Special Edition even better? Throw out the standard protractor plate that has 5° increments and replace it with an ultra-accurate protractor that has the patented AngleLOCK indexing system cut in every 1° increment plus the two popular 22.5° increments for cutting eight-sided frames and mouldings! Awesome.

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    $299.00 (inc GST)
  • Miter Express Universal Sled System IME-1

    Incra's Miter Express offers any mitre gauge owner the safest and most accurate cross-cutting and mitering platform available. The Miter Express features 2 embedded T-Slot channels to secure the included Hold Down Clamp and Outboard Fence Support. These slots are also invaluable for mounting your own custom jigs and fixtures.

    The fast Dock and Lock system securely locks your miter gauge in just seconds. It eliminates all side play with Incra’s patented miter channel expansion technology. Even the least expensive miter gauges will experience a tremendous performance boost when docked on top of the Miter Express.

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    $259.00 (inc GST)
  • Miter V120 Mitre Guide IMV-120

    Don't let the small size fool you! The new Miter V120 puts high-resolution, repeatable accuracy within the budget of every woodworker. An incredible 120 AngleLOCK stops are laser cut into the steel protractor, with a stop available for every whole degree and two special stops at 22.5° for cutting eight-sided frames and mouldings.

    All of that precision is built into a sturdy, no-fuss package that's compact enough to fit machines where other mitre guides can be a tight squeeze, such as bandsaws and disc sanders. All-steel construction makes it an excellent long-term investment, and it's also upgradable as your needs change - the V120 can be equipped at any time with any IncraLOCK mitre guide fence and stop.

    The steel miter bar is equipped with four patented GlideLOCK adjustment points for a perfect, low-friction fit in a wide variety of machines using a standard mitre slot. As with all Incra crosscutting tools, a removable T-slot retaining clip is included, and the adjusters are accessible from the top for quicker set up than traditional miter bars with side-mounted adjusters.

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    $135.00 (inc GST)
  • Miter V27 Mitre Guide IMV-27

    $109.00 (inc GST)
  • Mitre Slides - Aluminium IM-10

    Replaces those cranky inaccurate wooden runners you've had to rely on for your shop built table saw jigs. These 18in aluminium runners feature unique expansion mechanisms to adjust their width exactly for perfect sliding action in any standard 3/4in x 3/8in mitre gauge slot. A simple turn of a screw adjusts for a perfect fit. Another locks the jig rigidly in place. Best of all, Mitre Slider won't warp, shrink or swell so the jig you build today will still slide perfectly next week or next year!

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    $29.90 (inc GST)
  • Mitre Slides - Steel IMS-10

    $49.90 (inc GST)
  • Original Incra Jig

    The Original Incra Jig has been reissued, and the same qualities that made it such a knockout are still relevant in workshops today.

    The only two moving parts are the locking knob and the single-piece upper carriage and it indexes on 1.0mm increments with the same 0.025mm positioning accuracy and repeatability of our top-of-the-line LS Positioners – but without the fine adjustment.

    The rigid, glass-reinforced resin body provides 200mm of solid fence travel. The patented incremental racks are installed where the halves of the jig meet and when the clamping knob is tightened, the teeth mesh, causing the fence and carriage to instantly “centre up” on the perfect multiples of 1.0mm increments far more precisely than working by eye alone.

    By adding the Incra Jig Fence System, 3/8in box joint and 1/2in dovetails can be produced equally spaced or variably spaced. The dovetail template can be made half-blind, through, sliding, or corner-post.

    For even more variety, the 11 box joint templates and 29 dovetail templates from the Incra Master Reference Guide can be adapted to the Original INCRA Jig to produce literally billions of joinery variations.

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    From $99.00 (inc GST)
  • Wooden HingeCrafter Jig IHCM-1

    Just combine your INCRA Positioner with the HingeCrafter drill guide and the results will be beautiful wooden hinges ready to glue right into your project. That's right, you use the HingeCrafter to make four different diameter hinges with Incra’s famous incremental accuracy.

    The HingeCrafter easily works with extra-length hinges. Between the four diameters and the many possible lengths, you have hundreds of options for your next hinge based project. Your only limit is twice the useable length of your drill bit. The included bit will make hinges well over 250mm long!

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    $149.00 (inc GST)
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