Incra Mitre Express plus 1000HD Mitre Guide Sled Set Table Saw Crosscut Jig

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    Incra Mitre Express plus 1000HD Mitre Guide Sled Set Table Saw Crosscut Jig IME-1-MHD

    Incra's Crosscut & Mitre Table Saw Sled with Mitre 1000HD Guide: Safe, accurate cross cuts and mitre cuts.

    Incras Miter Express offers any mitre guide owner the safest and most accurate cross-cutting and mitering platform available.

    The Mitre Express features two embedded T-Slot channels to secure the included Hold Down Clamp and Outboard Fence Support Bracket. These slots are also invaluable for mounting your own custom jigs and fixtures.

    The fast "Dock and Lock" system securely locks your own mitre guide in just seconds. It eliminates all side play with the patented mitre channel expansion technology. Even the least expensive mitre guides will experience a tremendous performance boost when docked on top of the Mitre Express.

    Doubles Any Mitre Gauge's Crosscut Capacity to 610mm

    The crosscut capacity of any mitre guide is safely doubled to more than 610mm when docked on top of the Mitre Express. For these extra-large crosscuts, the non-drag support provided by the sliding panel, along with the extra holding power of the included Hold Down Clamp adds much needed stability and control.

    Securely holds even the smallest workpieces for safe, accurate cuts

    The Incra Hold Down Clamp also keeps your fingers comfortably away from the blade when cutting work pieces that are too small to safely hold by hand. The Mitre Express also includes an Outboard Fence Support that locks behind your fence in one of the two T-Slots, providing even more rigidity for all operations.

    Assembles easily: Two cuts give you zero clearance forever

    The sliding main panel and the locking drop-off support panel are each trimmed with one simple cut during assembly for a perfect fit on your table saw. The result is true Zero-Clearance Tear out Control on both sides of the blade. The Mitre Express is instantly removable from your saw table when making rip cuts or other operations that don't require a sled.

    Thanks to Incra's quick release feature, your mitre guide can undock in seconds whenever you want to use your guide on another tool, such as a router table or sanding station.

    Incra 1000 Mitre Guide

    The INCRA Miter 1000HD is the most refined model yet in the Miter 1000 series. The HD stands for High Definition, because the protractor plate's exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System has a whopping 180 can't-miss angle stops in 1° increments with special stops located at 22-1/2°.

    Combine that high-resolution protractor with the industry's smoothest adjustable miter bar, a telescoping IncraLOCK Cut-off Fence & Flip Shop Stop, and a steel vernier scale that reads to 1/10°, and you've got a winner that will improve the quality of any project.

    Are you cutting parts for segmented turning? The Miter 1000HD will allow you to precisely set and quickly duplicate any angle you might need, whether it's 18° for cutting 10 sides, 25.7° for 7-sided objects, or anything else imaginable.

    Six expansion disks adjust both sides of the bar for zero side play, low-friction travel on all table saws with standard mitre guide channels. An excellent fit in the channel directly transfers the Miter 1000's incredible accuracy directly to your project. The Miter 1000's adjustable miter bar will fit square-sided miter slots measuring 3/4" wide, 3/8" deep, and with or without a 15/16" T-slot at the bottom. The miter bar's adjustment range accommodates actual slot widths between 18.80mm and 19.43mm.

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