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Timbecon originally started as a retail shop in May 1989 as there was a demand for specialist woodworking tools and supplies in Perth that was not being satisfied. Since its humble beginnings in 1989, Timbecon has grown from being a small independent timber and tools retailer to becoming one of Australia’s leading woodworking tools suppliers. This has been done by listening to our customers along the way; as we see our customers, together with our staff, as our most important assets.

Since the early days we found there was a need for information on woodworking as well as providing access to the tools themselves. We have dedicated ourselves to not only providing education on our products to our customers, but also the techniques so they can get the most out of their tools. We started running Saturday morning demonstrations in the early nineties (before it became a fashionable marketing tool) to enable woodworkers to get together and learn more about woodworking and socialise with other like-minded people. 

Some of the major milestones that have happened for Timbecon are - 

Introduction of the Timbecon Frequent Shopper System

Introducing the Sherwood range of machinery to Australia

Released our first 144-page catalogue

The first specialist woodworking company to release an online shopping website with complete range

Moved to a full-colour 160-page catalogue

Launched Chatterbox Newsletter containing tips, techniques and information on woodworking

Revamped original website to be at the cutting edge of technology at the time

The original owners sold the business

The original owners purchased the trading rights of the business back and re-opened in Canning Vale

Released this website - industry-leading for supporting multiple device platforms (phone and tablet) plus numerous other features

Opened our first eastern seaboard store in Melbourne

We are pleased to again be back in the old business with a fresh new look and perspective. We are keeping many things that made Timbecon the success that it was when we previously owned it - excellent customer service, well-stocked retail stores, prompt mail-order shipping and of course the excellent value-for-money range that we are well-known for.

In coming months we will be working to bring new experiences to you - including demonstration video's, an online blog reviewing and discussing new products we are introducing to the market as well as more interactive ways to contact us through social media. Keep a look out for these new developments as we bring them online.

Woodworking Techniques Information

We started a newsletter containing information on products and services we provide as well as including information on woodworking techniques and projects back in 2004. 

Now with the internet more prevalent than it was 10 years ago and providing a better way to deliver this content to you, we are working hard to bring our newsletter back but in a different format, more articles, more information and more fun more often. Make sure you sign-up to our newsletter so you get this information along with the rest of our valued customers.

Working With Wood Shows

Since 2000 we have also been concentrating on taking this philosophy to customers in other parts of Australia through the Working With Wood Shows. At these shows you can see a cross-section of all our products featured in our printed and online catalogues as well as demonstrations on dovetail jigs, router bits and various other specialty woodworking tools.

We are back doing all the Working With Wood Shows in 2015 for the first time in eight years so we look forward to seeing you in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and our new home-away-from-home - Melbourne.

Of course, as one of the first and major exhibitors at the Perth Wood Show, we will be there to see our many loyal, long-term customers in the state where it all started.

Expert Wood Workers Staff and Education

All of our service staff come from backgrounds in various woodworking or construction fields so that we are able to offer sound advice on woodworking topics. We currently employ staff from backgrounds in modern and traditional cabinet making, carving, wood machining and woodworking education as well as many other fields.

If you are nearby, pop in to the shop to have a chat about anything you may need help with, and if online, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as we can. If you require something urgently, then please call our sales team directly on 1300 880 996 during business hours.

Best Practice e-commerce

Our philosophy of reliability and transparency means that our e-commerce business adheres to the Commonwealth Governments Department of the Treasury, Consumer Affairs Division's best practice e-commerce model. We recommend you check the Consumers Online website and read their ten-point checklist.

We pride ourselves on being a business of integrity and always strive to be the best that we can be. We also look at new technology as a means of improving your interaction with us and make it a richer, more enjoyable experience so as new technologies become available you can be assured Timbecon will be one of the first woodwork tool companies to implement it.

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