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For craftspeople, ensuring the smoothness and perfect thickness of wooden pieces isn't just about the finished look—it's about pride in their work. That's where wood planers come into play. At the heart of every woodworking project lies the meticulous process of planing, and with the right wood planer machine, you're set to elevate your craftsmanship to unparalleled heights. With our range of shoulder planes, hand planes, bench planes, low-angled planes and more, you can achieve the perfect finish for your project. 


Unmatched Planing Perfection with Timbecon's Range

Choosing a planer from Timbecon means investing in precision, durability, and a seamless woodworking experience. Our collection boasts advanced wood planer machines designed for handling larger pieces. With features that promote accuracy, each wood planer ensures every cut is uniform, every surface is smooth, and every project is completed with finesse. From the amateur enthusiast to the seasoned professional, our planers serve every crafter's need, ensuring every project stands as a testament to skill and passion.


Unearth Your Craft's Potential with Timbecon's Range

At Timbecon, our dedication isn't just to tools—it's to the artisans who use them. We understand the nuances of woodworking, the drive for perfection, and the constant quest for better tools and techniques. This is exactly why our expansive range of hand planes, thicknessers, spokeshaves, jointers and more are all handpicked to provide the best. We even offer a range of combination planer thicknessers to help simplify your work no matter the scale. Whether you’re looking to add a portable benchtop planer to your toolkit or invest in a heavy-duty model for industrial projects, our selection is bound to have something that fits the bill.


Step into our Melbourne or Perth store to discover the ultimate tool that aligns with your craft's demands. Alternatively, our comprehensive online collection offers Australia-wide shipping. For guidance, recommendations, or to address any queries, remember, we're just a call or visit away.


What types of wood planers do you offer?

We offer a diverse range of planers catering to different woodworking needs. Our collection includes everything from benchtop planers, thicknessers, and even jointer-planer combos, ensuring you'll find the perfect machine for your workshop.

What's the difference between a thickness planer and a surface planer?

A thickness planer or thicknesser is explicitly designed to mill boards down to a consistent thickness throughout their length and flatten both surfaces. In contrast, a surface planer or jointer is used to flatten just one side of a board and square up an adjacent edge.

What’s the difference between a helical head and a head with straight knives?

Helical heads have a series of small, square carbide knives set at a slight angle to the rotation, providing a shearing cut. This results in quieter operation and often a smoother finish with less chance of snipe. Heads with straight knives use elongated blades running parallel to the rotation, producing quick but often louder cuts.

How do I choose the right wood planer for my needs?

Selecting the ideal wood planer machine depends on several factors: the type of projects you handle, the wood species you frequently use, your workshop's size, and your budget. It's essential to consider both the machine's capacity and the quality of the finish it provides.

How do I maintain and sharpen the blades of the planer?

Regular blade maintenance ensures the longevity of your planer and the quality of your work. Depending on their material, the blades might need periodic sharpening or replacement. The benefit of helical heads is that each square knife can be rotated to get used from all four sides before sharpening is needed. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and consider professional sharpening services for the best results.

Are your wood planers suitable for both hardwood and softwood?

Yes, our wood planer machines are adept at handling both hardwoods and softwoods. However, always ensure the blades are sharp to achieve a smooth finish, especially with hardwoods.

How do I ensure a smooth finish with the planer?

For a smooth finish, ensure your blades are sharp, the infeed and outfeed tables are aligned, and adjust the cutting depth appropriately. Remember to feed the wood at a consistent pace. Feeding the timber with the grain direction running in the same direction the head is rotating will ensure a smoother finish.

What safety precautions should I take when using a planer?

Safety is paramount. Always wear safety goggles and hearing protection. Keep hands away from the feed area, and never pass them over the cutter head. Do not wear gloves when operating the machine. Ensure the work area is clean, and always secure the wood planer machine when in use.

Can I use the planer for materials other than wood?

Our wood planers are specifically designed for wood. Using them on other materials can damage the machine, compromise safety and void the warranty.

How do I prevent snipe when using a thickness planer?

Snipe can be minimised by ensuring the infeed and outfeed tables are level with the planer bed and by supporting the board as it enters and exits the planer. Commonly, helical head thicknessers produce less snipe than straight-blade models.

Are replacement blades or knives available for purchase?

Yes, we offer replacement blades and knives for all the planer models in our range.

Do your planers come with dust extraction features?

Absolutely all our wood planer machines come equipped with dust extraction ports to help maintain a clean workspace.

How noisy are the planers during operation?

The noise level varies among models, but our wood planers are designed to be as efficient and quiet as possible. Always wear hearing protection during operation.

Are there any guarantees or warranties provided with your planers?

Every wood planer machine in our collection is backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty, reflecting our commitment to quality and durability.

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