Luban Edge Trimming Plane Right Handed

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    Luban Edge Trimming Plane Right Handed LEP-001

    Luban's Right Hand Edge Trimming Plane: Trim Your Edges!

    Edge trimming planes are designed to work end grain or for final trimming work on jointed boards. They give a final smooth edge that is exactly 90 to the face. The Luban Edge Trimming plane is a right hand version but it is not exclusively for right handed users it more determines which direction you tackle the grain.

    Easy one handed adjustment is made via the thumb wheel.

    Plane Edge Right Hand Specifications

    • Material of body: Iron
    • Material of blade: T10 Steel
    • Hardness of blade: 59-63
    • Material of lever cap: stainless steel 
    • Degree of blade cutting edge: 25 degree
    • Weight: 850g
    • Size: 170mm x 83mm x 65mm
    $179.90 (inc GST)

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