Camelia Oil Tool Care Lubricant Rust Preventer

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    Camelia Oil Tool Care Lubricant Rust Preventer CO-240

    Camellia oil is used on fine tools and knives to prevent rust

    Japanese craftsmen have used this oil for generations as an effective rust inhibitor. It can also be used as a liquid lubricant when sharpening if water is not suitable. Traditional tools and knives are made of carbon steel. Many of the very best tools are made of high carbon steel and cast iron, both which rust.

    Camellia Oil is a natural oil made from the seeds of an evergreen plant in the camellia genus. The seeds are cultivated in Asia and pressed to produce the camellia oil. The oil is very light and unlike other natural oils, it's not likely to dry and gum up.

    Our Camellia Oil is bottled in a 240ml container. The spray applicator makes applying very easy. Imported from Japan.

    Bring out your inner samurai with this fine oil.

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