Melbourne Tool Company Low Angle Jointing Hand Plane

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    Melbourne Tool Company Low Angle Jointing Hand Plane MTC-49438

    If you want to work with wood, then you need a good hand plane. The Melbourne Tool Company Low Angle Jointing Plane is a dedicated workhorse for large projects. A fundamental tool for anyone loves to work with wood.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And to do this well, you need good tools. Melbourne Tool Company offers tools that are genuine, accurate and accessible, tools designed for the woodworker in you.

    Your MTC Low Angle Jointing Plane

    Your MTC Low Angle Jointing Plane is the hand plane you’ll reach for if you don’t want or aren’t able to use a machine jointer – perfect for flattening and edge jointing. The 560mm sole bridges across undulations, planing smooth any peaks on your timber. The three different blade types available allows you to switch between angles to get your plane to work exactly how you need it to. And the easy blade adjustment and finely shaped timber handles will make it hard for you to put this plane down. Welcome to the MTC family.

    An uncomplicated plane

    This Low Angle Jointing plane can plane any kind of wood yet remains an uncomplicated tool. The minimalistic design makes it easy to disassemble for maintenance and reassemble for work. The adjustment knobs are accessible and feature a very smooth action. The blades depth of cut is adjusted by simply turning the depth and lateral adjustment wheel. Slide the adjustment wheel side to side to skew the blade left and right. Spend more time planing, less time adjusting.

    12 degree bed

    The blade is set bevel-up in the milled plane bed at 12 degrees providing you with a very cool low angle of attack. Choose from a range of blade angles to suit the work at hand. The blades fix down hard down on the plane casting, so blade’s cutting edge is provided with maximum support no matter the terrain. Swap the blades out easily and quickly when you need to change gear. Watch your productivity grow with this versatile hand tool.

    3 angled blades available

    Your MTC Low Angle Jointing Plane is supplied with a blade sharpened to 25 degrees. Along with the 12 degree bed, you now have an effective cutting angle of 37 degrees. Also available are blades ground to 38 degrees suitable for smoothing, and 50 degrees for jointing more figured material. Blades are easily swapped in and out of the plane by removing the lever cap. All MTC blades are made from M2 High Speed Steel.

    M2 High Speed Steel blades

    MTC has chosen M2 High Speed Steel (HSS) for the blades. M2 HSS has high abrasion resistance which means it will hold a sharp edge much longer than many other steels. This also means that it may take a little longer to bring up an edge. Don’t worry, you will be leaving your sharpening gear on the shelf for a lot longer too. MTC plane blades are also thicker than the average plane, this eliminates vibration is the cut, ensuring a smooth uniform finish.

    Easy and precise depth and lateral blade adjustment

    The MTC Low Angle Jointing Plane features an easy to adjust, precise depth and lateral blade adjuster. Twist the knurled knob to set the depth of cut. Slide side to side to skew the blade within the plane mouth. The whole assembly comes apart easily for regular maintenance. MTC make caring for and setting up you hand tools easy and stress free.

    Adjustable mouth

    The plane mouth is fully adjustable. Twist the front handle to release the toe. Use the mouth adjustment lever to set the mouth width opening to suit the work at hand. Close the mouth up tight to minimise tear out when working difficult figured materials. Open wide when working more predictable materials and make shavings fast without clogging.

    Owner’s manual

    Your MTC plane is delivered securely packaged in a foam lined cardboard box. Inside is a QR code you can scan to download your comprehensive Owner’s Manual. Visit the Melbourne Tool Company website for additional products, information downloads and video content.

    About Melbourne Tool Company

    Melbourne Tool Company produces genuine, accurate and accessible tools for people passionate about woodworking. To learn more about Melbourne Tool Company visit

    Brand Melbourne Tool Company (MTC)
    Model SKU MTC-49438
    Country of Origin Designed in Melbourne Australia, manufactured in China
    Warranty Limited lifetime
    Sole dimensions 80 x 560mm
    Weight 4kg
    Handles Maple
    Plane Steel M2 HSS
    Plane bed angle 12 degrees
    Plane blade dimensions 3.2 x 60 x 112mm 
    $399.00 (inc GST)

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