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  • Dovetail joints are as traditional to woodworking as you can get. Years ago, cabinetmakers would saw these by hand and clean them with a chisel but with modern technology comes a much quicker and easier way to create dovetails.

    While dovetails are quite specialized and only generally used for ornamental purposes these days, you can create simple but stunning boxes of many shapes and sizes using the Baladonia Dovetail System.

    Being a Baladonia Tool, the dovetail system is quick and easy to setup and you’ll be finishing your first dovetails in less than half an hour!

    The Baladonia system comes standard with a 1/2in half-blind template for the most simple of joints that can also be used for assembling drawers. Also available are a range of templates that are more attractive, interesting and unique for that extra wow factor.

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  • Box joint templates are a clean, simple and popular decorative method of jointing. The fingers are visible from both sides of the timber and provide a simple, elegant joint appearance. 

    Because the fingers aren't tapered, its recommended to clamp the work piece together once the glue is applied and the timber is assembled.

    The box joint templates come in three popular sizes - 1/4in, 3/8in and 1/2in width combs. The combs can be used up to the maximum clamping thickness of the jig - approximately 35mm.

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  • The Baladonia Dovetail System comes standard with the 1/2in half-blind template so if you damage it and it needs replacing you can buy this separately.

    Another other option is the small 5/16in comb to be used on small, fine decorative work. The template is suitable for use up to 12mm timber in conjunction with the DT079Q router bit, available separately.  

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  • Through dovetails are visible from both sides of the workpiece and are an ideal choice when visible craftsmanship is the preferred option - such as on jewellery and other decorative boxes. This template will machine most common timber thicknesses ranging from 9 - 19mm.

    Because of the complexity of the joint, the work pieces need to be cut separately with two different machining processes for the second work piece.

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    $69.90 (inc GST)
  • For quick, accurate marking of dovetails, a dovetail marker is the best tool available. With riding ledges on both sides, these 2" x 2" markers can be flipped over to mark both slopes of the dovetail. Sold as a set of 2.

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  • The definitive work on using INCRA Tools. This 148 page book contains detailed plans with over 400 illustrations and photos to build 14 of Perry McDaniel's intriguing original projects. Also included are 11 Techniques sections that will turn any woodworker into a real INCRA pro, plus complete instructions for making four exclusive new INCRA joints.

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  • Just combine your INCRA Positioner with the HingeCrafter drill guide and the results will be beautiful wooden hinges ready to glue right into your project. That's right, you use the HingeCrafter to make four different diameter hinges with Incra’s famous incremental accuracy.

    The HingeCrafter easily works with extra-length hinges. Between the four diameters and the many possible lengths, you have hundreds of options for your next hinge based project. Your only limit is twice the useable length of your drill bit. The included bit will make hinges well over 250mm long!

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