Milescraft Dovetail Template Master Dovetail Jig

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    Milescraft Dovetail Template Master Dovetail Jig MC-1218

    The Dovetail Template Mater allows you to easily create an endless array of project-specific dovetail jigs.

    Professional caliber single or mixed-pitch dovetail and finger joint jigs, full, spaced and angled of any length made quickly and inexpensively, using a standard router. Make the jigs needed for almost all typical dovetailing applications with the Dovetail Template Master. Eliminate replacement costs created when dovetail jigs are inevitably damaged during normal use.

    Dovetail Template Master body

    The body is made from a polycarbonate panel and contains pre-cut guide openings.

    Router bits

    Each router bit included is equipped with a guide bearing, eliminating the need for an auxiliary busing on the router.

    Includes step-by-step instructions

    Comprehensive instructions that show you exactly how to properly align, secure and adjust the Dovetail Template Master.

    Milescraft – Always the better idea

    Milescraft offers a range of products designed to leverage your base skills in woodworking. Skills such as measuring, drilling and sawing.

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