Cyclone Dust Separators


Enhance your workshop's dust management with Oneida's Dust Deputy Cyclone Separators at Timbecon. These Cyclone Dust Separators efficiently pre-filter large and high-volume dust, extending your main dust collector's lifespan. Utilising centrifugal force, they separate debris from the air stream, depositing large chips into a collection bin, thus reducing filter clogging. Perfectly paired with our Y-connectors for connecting multiple tools, these separators boost the efficiency of your dust collection system. Simple yet effective, our cyclone separators are an essential upgrade for maintaining a cleaner, safer woodworking environment.



How does a Cyclone Separator differ from standard dust extractors?

Cyclone Separators differ from standard dust extractors in using centrifugal force to remove larger particles before reaching the main filter. This pre-separation process reduces the load on the primary dust extractor, enhancing efficiency and filter longevity.

What are the benefits of using a Cyclone Separator in my workshop?

Using a Cyclone Separator in your workshop reduces filter clogging and enhances the performance and life of your dust extractor. It effectively pre-filters large debris, ensuring cleaner air and a tidier work environment, ultimately improving your workspace's air quality and safety.

How often should I clean out or maintain my Cyclone Dust Separator?

The frequency of cleaning your Cyclone Dust Separator depends on usage, but regularly checking and emptying the collection bin is essential. Regular maintenance helps maintain efficiency and prolongs the life of both the separator and your dust extraction system.

Does a Cyclone Separator capture finer particles compared to traditional dust filters?

A Cyclone Separator is primarily designed to capture larger particles. While it can trap some finer particles, traditional dust filters are more effective for capturing very small particles. Using a Cyclone Separator in conjunction with a dust filter offers comprehensive dust control.

How do I properly set up a Cyclone Dust Separator with my existing dust extraction system?

To set up a Cyclone Dust Separator, connect it between your tool and the dust extractor. Ensure all connections are airtight. The separator should be installed before the dust extractor to intercept debris.

Are there different sizes or models of Cyclone Separators available?

Yes, Cyclone Dust Separators come in various sizes and models, including 2.5, 4/5in and 6in to suit different workshop needs. Timbecon offers a selection designed for varying scales of dust extraction requirements.

What factors should I consider when choosing the right Cyclone Separator for my workshop?

When selecting a Cyclone Dust Separator, consider your workshop's size, the volume of dust generated, and the capacity of your existing dust extraction system. Matching the separator's size and power to your needs is important to ensure efficient dust separation and maintain optimal airflow.

Can I use any brand of dust extractor with a Cyclone Separator?

Cyclone Separators are generally compatible with various brands of dust extractors. However, it's crucial to check compatibility in terms of airflow and capacity to ensure efficient operation and avoid overloading your dust extractor.

How does a Cyclone Separator enhance the lifespan of my dust extractor's main filter?

A Cyclone Separator pre-filters large particles and debris before they reach the dust extractor's primary filter. This reduces the amount of dust accumulating on the filter, minimising clogging wear, extending the filter's lifespan, and reducing motor strain.

Is there a difference in efficiency between single-stage and Cyclone Separators?

Cyclone Separators typically offer higher efficiency compared to single-stage models. They are more effective in separating finer particles due to e an added stage of separation, which can be particularly beneficial for heavy-duty or high-dust woodworking environments.

Are Cyclone Separators suitable for both hobbyists and professional woodworking setups?

Yes, Cyclone Separators are suitable for various woodworking environments, from small hobbyist workshops to large professional setups. They offer significant benefits in dust management and air quality, regardless of the scale of operation.

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