Sherwood Vacuum Mini Dust Cyclone Kit

  • Sherwood Vacuum Mini Dust Cyclone Kit MDCK-100

    Sherwood's Vacuum Mini Dust Cyclone Kit is the perfect all rounder

    Ruining the house vacuum cleaner with sawdust? Or is your workshop vacuum's filter getting clogged up and emptying the drum is a pain? You need the new Sherwood Vacuum Mini Dust Cyclone Kit.

    Simply hook up the included 1m length of 63mm (2 1/2in) hose to your vacuum and the other 1m length of 63mm hose to your existing vacuum hose and/or directly on to your machines and let the cyclone kit capture all the coarse and fine shavings in the 15L drum. 

    It works by using the power of your vacuum to provide the suction but all the dust stays in the clear plastic drum in the cyclone kit which means no more dust in the vacuum itself.  The drum comes on four castors to move it around the workshop with ease, plus 4in --> 2 1/2in and 2 1/2in --> 1 1/2in reducers to adapt to popular sizes found in the workshop.

    Why do we love this Mini Cyclone Dust Collector?

    We all from time to time underestimate the health threat of airborne dust and the Mini Cyclone Dust Kit solves these problems, without breaking the bank or over-speccing your workshop. The Mini Cyclone traps most of the sanding dust, with only a fraction making it to the vacuum. That means you easily dump the Mini Cyclone not the shop vac. Extends the life of shop vac and your filters. Since the Mini Cyclone is on rollers it is easy to roll around the shop from machine to machine.

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