Dust Control Solutions

iVAC produce one of the world’s finest automated dust control systems. Designed for literally any dust extractor from a humble 1HP single-phase unit right through to any industrial-size three-phase dust extractor system and everything in between, the iVac Pro MSC System is now available in Australia to upgrade and automate your dust control system.

It works by fitting the main controller unit to be a part of the dust extractor's electrical system. The complete system is fully-certified and has been designed to be 100% safe to be used in any workshop in Australia. 

The main controller then can either be operated by the remote control as well as the unique iVac Tool Plus - a system component that takes minutes to install and allows you to control the operation of your dust extraction system by turning your power tool or machine on or off. The Tool Plus also fully integrates with the iVac Automated Blast Gates to open or close the blast gates in the system as required. What this means is that with a fully operating system you can design and program your dust control system to follow you around the workshop - operating in sync with you and any number of other people in the workshop so that dust control is completely automatic.



What is the iVAC Dust Control System, and how does it work?

The iVAC Dust Control System is an automated dust control solution designed to streamline dust collection in woodworking workshops. It automatically activates the dust extractor when a connected tool is turned on or via remote. The system uses sensors to detect tool operation, triggering the dust control system to start, ensuring efficient and timely dust extraction.

What is an NVR Magnetic Switch?

An NVR (No-Volt-Release) Magnetic Switch is a safety feature for power tools and dust extractors. It ensures that the machine doesn’t automatically restart after a power interruption. The magnetic feature provides an additional layer of safety by maintaining the switch's operational state only when the magnet is in place.

My dust extractor has an NVR switch, but it is not magnetic, will it work with iVAC?

If your dust extractor has a standard NVR switch that isn't magnetic, it won't directly work with the iVAC system. The iVAC is designed to work safely and efficiently with the use of magnetic switches. To use iVAC with your extractor, you'd need to switch out the current NVR with a magnetic type. This change will let your iVAC system control your dust extractor automatically. Timbecon can supply a magnetic NVR prewired into the iVAC controller to make this easy.

What are the advantages of using the iVAC system for dust control in woodworking?

Using the iVAC system for dust control in woodworking offers numerous advantages. It automates the dust collection process, improving efficiency and reducing the effort required to manage dust. It also helps maintain a cleaner and healthier workshop environment, minimising dust build-up to extend the operational life of tools and enhances overall workshop safety.

Can the iVAC system be retrofitted to existing dust collection setups?

Yes, the iVAC system is designed to be retrofit-friendly and can be integrated into existing dust collection setups. This makes it a versatile choice for enhancing dust control solutions in workshops without the need for significant modifications.

How does the iVAC system contribute to workshop safety and air quality?

The iVAC system significantly contributes to workshop safety and air quality by automatically managing dust extraction. This reduces airborne dust particles, which can be harmful when inhaled and pose a fire hazard. Consistent and efficient dust collection also creates a cleaner and safer working environment.

What type of sensors or triggers can be used with the iVAC system to activate dust collection?

The iVAC system connects to the Tool Plus Pro Automatic Sensor, which detects when a connected tool is turned on, and pressure sensors for certain applications. This trigger ensures that dust collection starts automatically and synchronises with tool use.

Is the iVAC system compatible with a variety of woodworking machines and tools?

The iVAC system is designed to be compatible with a wide range of woodworking machines and tools. Its versatility makes it suitable for various workshop environments and tool types, offering a comprehensive dust control system for any Australian workshop.

How much current does it take to trigger an iVAC Switch Box?

To trigger an iVAC Switch Box, the current required has evolved over time. The original models needed about 300 milliamps (0.3 amp), but this was updated to 500 milliamps (0.5 amp) for newer models. This change ensures that the Switch Box activates the vacuum seamlessly when power tools are connected. You can check this on your unit: if your Switch Box's serial number is C046201 or higher, it operates with the 500 milliamp threshold, perfectly syncing with a broader array of tools.

Can the iVAC system help reduce energy consumption in the workshop?

By automating dust collection, the iVAC system can contribute to reduced energy consumption. This ensures that the dust extractor runs only when necessary, avoiding unnecessary power usage and making workshops more energy-efficient.

Are there any maintenance requirements or best practices for optimising the iVAC dust control system's performance?

Regular maintenance, such as checking connections and sensors and keeping the system clean, is recommended. Ensuring the system is correctly configured and calibrated for your specific tools and dust extractor will optimise its performance.

What is the warranty on iVAC products?

iVAC products from Timbecon come with a two-year warranty, covering any gap between this period and the manufacturer's warranty. It includes protection against manufacturing defects and failure to perform as advertised when used correctly. The warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, wear and tear, or transit damage after dispatch. For questions about warranty claims, please contact customer.service@timbecon.com.au.