Secure Your Craft with Timbecon's Woodworking Vices Collection

At Timbecon, we know the importance of a steadfast grip in your work. Our Woodworking Vices are more than just tools; they are the foundation of precision and stability in every project. Designed for professionals who don't compromise on quality, these vices ensure your piece remains immovable as you chisel and carve.


The Heart of Every Workshop

Our range includes everything from robust bench vices to versatile leg vices, each meticulously selected to offer unwavering support in your woodworking journey. Whether you're crafting a delicate piece or tackling a hefty timber, our vices stand as your reliable partner.



What types of woodworking vices do you offer?

Our collection includes bench vices, leg vices, and more, each designed to offer optimal grip and stability for various woodworking projects.

How do I select the right vice for my woodworking tasks?

Consider the nature of your projects. Bench vices are great for general tasks, while leg vices support larger pieces.

Can these vices be fitted to any workbench?

Most of our vices are designed to be versatile and can fit a variety of workbenches. We recommend checking the specifications for compatibility.

Are replacement parts available for these vices?

We offer some replacement parts to ensure your vices remain in top condition. Our woodworking vices stand firm in every cut, carve, and chisel, ensuring your projects are completed to the highest finish quality. Discover the range at Timbecon and elevate your woodworking to the epitome of precision and excellence.