Discover the Art of Woodturning with Timbecon's Premium Tools

Our Woodturning Tools category is designed for the passionate woodturner, where each tool is a blend of tradition and innovation. Whether you're shaping a bespoke piece or crafting a personal project, our selection caters to every aspect of your woodturning needs.


Our Range: Crafted for Precision and Durability

We feature an extensive array of woodturning tools, including the Easy Wood Carbide Cutters and the Torquata Woodturning Tools. Our Crown Revolution Deep Hollowing System is perfect for intricate hollowing work, while the Crown Rolled Edge Skew Chisels bring finesse to your turning. For those looking for a comprehensive set, the Torquata Six Piece Woodturning Tool Set offers versatility and quality.



How do I select the right woodturning tool for my project?

Consider the type of turning you're doing (spindle, bowl, etc.), the size of your project, and the level of detail required. Our range includes tools for every aspect of woodturning, from rough shaping to fine detailing.

What are the differences between HSS and carbide-tipped tools?

High-speed steel (HSS) tools are known for their durability and ease of sharpening. Carbide-tipped tools provide longevity and require less frequent sharpening, making them ideal for more extensive use.

Can I get replacement parts for my woodturning tools?

We offer replacement parts for various tools, including cutter tips and gouges. Keeping your tools in top condition is crucial for maintaining precision in your work.

Do you offer sets for beginners in woodturning?

Our Torquata Three Piece Carbide Woodturning Tool Set is perfect for beginners, providing the essential tools needed to start woodturning.

What maintenance do these tools require?

Regular sharpening and proper storage are essential for the maintenance of your tools. HSS tools will need more frequent sharpening, while carbide-tipped tools are more wear-resistant. Always clean your tools after use to maintain their quality.


Enhance Your Woodturning Experience with Timbecon

At Timbecon, we're committed to helping you bring your woodturning visions to life. Our tools are selected for their quality, performance, and durability, ensuring that every turn you make contributes to a masterpiece. Explore our range and experience the difference of working with tools that are as passionate about woodturning as you are.

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