iVac Dust Extraction Control Switch Box ANZ Version

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    iVac Dust Extraction Control Switch Box ANZ Version SB-24010-ANZ

    Automated dust control in the compact workshop is now possible with iVac’s brilliant Dust Extraction Control Switch Box. Reduce dust nuisance, protect your health and boost your productivity with this super-simple workshop upgrade. Installation is simple: if you can connect an electrical cord, you can connect an iVAC Switch Box!

    The iVAC Switch Box is an automated dust extraction switch that activates your shop vacuum automatically whenever the power tool to which it’s attached is turned on. All you need to do is hook up the vacuum hose to your power tool. With this easy-to-use dust collector switch, you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner renovation work can be. Dust and debris are collected immediately, extraneous airborne dust is mitigated and clean-up is much easier.

    The iVAC Switch Box is designed specifically for the home workshop, where typically only 240Vac services are available. It can control any shop-vacs or dust extractor, as long as it has  a permanent “power on” state. The attached power tool can literally be any type of 240V-10A power tool such as:

    • a light-duty table saw
    •  a portable sander
    •   Dremel tools
    •  a miter saw

    In fact, anything that creates airborne dust can be connected to, and controlled by an iVAC Switch Box, and here’s why you should use one:

    • it removes the distraction of turning a dust collection system on and off while operating potentially dangerous power tools.
    • it ensures that dust and debris are collected as you cut, as opposed to being cleaned up with greater difficulty after the mess has been made.
    • it mitigates airborne dust by trapping it while it’s being generated by the power tool. Airborne dust is hazardous and can lead to a variety of ailments.
    • uncollected dust can be a hazard as it can make surfaces like hardwoods and laminates slippery and can lead to a fall.
    • some tools are notorious for sending out residual debris when they are first powered up because we tend not to clean the cutting surface after every cut. In addition, material sometimes gets trapped between the cutting blade and the enclosure or work surface and can be ejected at speed when the tool is turned on. Automatically operating a shop vacuum can help minimize these risks.


    • Three Modes of Operation – Auto, Off and On
    • Turn On Delay – avoids distribution panel circuit breakers being tripped
    • Turn Off Delay – ensures that your work area continues to be cleared of remaining airborne debris even after the tool has stopped
    • Continuous Operation – designed for continuous operation
    • Manual override for added convenience and remote switching
    • 4 fixing tabs. Mount on your wall, bench or vacuum
    • Earth terminal provided for grounding accessories   

    You’ll breathe easier, and ensure a safer working environment as well. Because the iVAC Switch Box powers up immediately, it helps to clear out any debris that may be stuck in the power tool and that can become a dangerous projectile – however small – in certain conditions. The iVAC Switch Box automatically turns the shop vacuum on before you actually begin to cut materials, and will continue to draw debris while the power tool is running and for approximately 6 seconds after you turn it off.

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