Armor Tool

Armor Tool understands very well the woodworker's thirst for innovation and a better way to get the job done. Armor Tool is a new company, but are not new to the industry. For over 30 years, the team behind Armor Tool has provided profound tool innovations marketed through some of the world’s best known brands. Their newest innovation is their patented Self-Adjust Technology. Armor’s introductory line of Auto-PRO™ Toggle Clamps, the Peg Table Clamping system, T-Track, face frame, drill press and multi-purpose clamps all feature the Self-Adjust technology, delivered in a versatile system that is as innovative as the technology itself.

Anyone who has ever used a toggle clamp understands that constant pressure adjustments are the norm. Armor’s technology has changed that. Auto-PRO™ Toggle Clamps automatically apply consistent clamping pressure over a range of material thicknesses. You set the clamping pressure once, and change the material as often as you like.

The new Auto-PRO™ Peg Table Clamping System delivers the Self-Adjust technology in multiple dimensions. The Horizontal Dog Clamp delivers Self-Adjust clamping anywhere on a table, spinning 360° and even raises above the table by up to 175mm. All of this capability delivered in seconds - without adjustment.

With innovation as their continuous goal,  Armor are only just getting started.