Armor Tool Auto Pro Horizontal Toggle Clamps

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    Armor Tool Auto Pro Horizontal Toggle Clamps

    The full range of Armor Tool Horizontal Toggle Clamps with auto adjusting mechanisms

    Armor Tool's Auto Adjusting Toggle Clamps have horizontal clamping levers and can automatically and infinitely vary their adjustment, with clamping heights up to 60mm. We've never had anything in the clamping industry like Armor Tool's auto-adjusting Auto-Pro toggle clamps. They're the first genuinely revolutionary woodworking clamp released in the 21st century. As far as workholding clamping goes, it's so easy to adjust slight variations and re-set workpieces with these clamps.

    Horizontal Toggle Clamp Features

    • In the clamped position, the lever is horizontal
    • Automatic and infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping height up to 60mm (for the largest clamp)
    • Clamping force is variable up to 550lb (for the largest clamps) depending on the adjustment of the set screw in the cantilevered joint
    • Sturdy, tempered metal sheets for a long service life 

    Why Auto-PRO Toggle Clamps?

    We almost couldn't believe how simple the design of these clamps is either, with extremely robust adjustment mechanisms allowing you to simply remanouevre clamps as often as you like with no stress or wear and tear on the toggle clamps themselves.

    Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps with Auto-Adjust technology offers an adjustable range of clamping pressures between 25 to 250 lbs* and a durable construction with a holding capacity of 450 lbs. Allows for fast setups and consistent clamping pressure.

    • Automatically Adjustable: Armor’s Auto-PRO™ technology automatically adjusts to variations in workpiece dimensions while maintaining consistent clamping pressure. It replaces the need for multiple sizes, eliminating need for constant adjustments; thereby increasing productivity and safety.
    • Adjustable Clamping Pressure: The integrated clamping pressure adjustment screw is used to create a wide range of clamping pressures. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the pressure and counterclockwise to increase it. Sensitive work pieces can be gently clamped all the way through to having high clamping pressures for work pieces being put under load whilst being worked on.
    • Horizontal Base Plate: Horizontal plate features adjustable mounting holes on the base plate to accommodate most standard toggle mounting patterns in both metric and imperial.
    • Large Soft-Grip Handle: For maximum grip and comfort.

    Specifications - STCHH-20 Clamp

    Opening Size: 0 - 30.0mm
    Adjustable Clamping Force: 25 - 250lbs
    Holding Capacity: 450 lbs
    Approx. Weight: 275g (0.6 lbs)

    Specifications - STCHH-50 Clamp

    Opening Size: 0 - 39.5mm
    Adjustable Clamping Force: 25 - 550lbs
    Holding Capacity: 700 lbs
    Approx. Weight: 500g (1.1 lbs)

    Specifications - STCHH-70 Clamp

    Opening Size: 0 - 60.0mm
    Adjustable Clamping Force: 25 - 550lbs
    Holding Capacity: 700 lbs
    Approx. Weight: 545g (1.2 lbs)

    Small Auto-PRO Horizontal Toggle Clamp
    $57.90 (inc GST)
    Medium Auto-PRO Horizontal Toggle Clamp
    $57.90 (inc GST)
    Large Auto-PRO Horizontal Toggle Clamp
    $57.90 (inc GST)

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