Router Bits

Router bits are essential for any woodworking project, allowing you to carve, shape, and hollow out wood precisely and efficiently. In Australia, the selection of router bits available caters to a wide range of needs, from intricate detailing to robust joinery. Each router bit is designed for specific tasks, such as edging, grooving, or creating dovetail joints, making them versatile additions to your toolkit.

The key benefits of using premium router bits include enhanced accuracy in your work, the ability to achieve smooth, clean cuts, and the efficiency they bring to your projects, significantly improving the quality of your finished pieces.

For woodworkers looking to take their projects to the next level, pairing these router bits with a router table can unlock new possibilities in precision and creativity. Discover our range of router bits in Australia, including specialised router bits, and find the perfect tools to complement your router table and elevate your woodworking projects.


What types of router bits are available at Timbecon?

At Timbecon, we offer a diverse selection of router bits to suit every woodworking requirement, including the Torquata spiral upcut and downcut bits, slot cutter bits, v-groove, triple flute extra long, bead moulding bit, birdsmouth joining bit, box joint bit, and bullnose moulding, among many others. . These router bits are designed for precision and versatility, enabling you to achieve professional-grade results in your projects.

How do I choose the right router bit for my project?

Choosing the right router bit involves considering the specific task, the material you'll work with, and the desired outcome. Start by identifying the operation you need to perform—whether it's cutting, carving, shaping, or joining. For intricate patterns or detailed work, opt for a router bit like the tapered ball tip or spiral bits. For joinery, consider bits designed for that purpose, such as the box joint or dovetail bits. Assessing the wood type will also guide you in selecting the right bit for clean, efficient cuts.

Can I find specialised router bits for specific woodworking tasks?

At Timbecon, you can find specialised router bits tailored for specific woodworking tasks. Our selection covers a wide range of specialised tasks, from unique joinery techniques like dovetails and box joints to decorative edge finishing and intricate carving. These router bits are engineered for precision and ease of use, ensuring you can confidently tackle even the most complex projects.

What are the differences between straight, flush trim, and spiral router bits?

Straight router bits are designed for general-purpose cutting and edging. Flush trim bits, with their bearings, are ideal for trimming edges smoothly and are often used in template work. Spiral router bits are used for the same operations as straight bits. They are available in upcut and downcut varieties, excel in chip removal and prevent tear-out, making them suitable for plunge cuts and creating a clean finish on the material's surface. Each type has different benefits in woodworking.

Can I use your router bits in both router tables and handheld routers?

Yes, our router bits can be used in both router tables and handheld routers. This flexibility allows woodworkers to apply a wide range of techniques and achieve precise results, whether working on detailed inlays with a handheld router or utilising the stability of a router table for edge treatments and joinery.

What is the purpose of a bearing on a router bit?

The bearing on a router bit serves as a guide, allowing the bit to follow the edge of the material or a template for precise cutting. It helps achieve uniform depth and shape along the edge, making it essential for tasks like edge trimming, pattern following, and creating decorative profiles. Bearings ensure consistency and accuracy, significantly enhancing the quality of the finished work.

Do you sell additional bearings for your router bits?

Yes, we offer additional bearings for our router bits, allowing for the customisation and adaptation of the bits to various projects. Whether you need to replace a worn bearing or adjust your bit's cutting depth or profile, our selection of bearings provides the flexibility to keep your router bits performing at their best.

How do I ensure the compatibility of router bits with my router model?

Ensuring compatibility of router bits with your router model is straightforward—check the shank size of the bit against your router's collet size. Most routers accommodate either 1/2in or 1/4in shanks, and collets can be used to fit different sizes if necessary. This simple check ensures that your router bits will fit securely in your router, allowing for safe and accurate operation.

Are there sets of router bits available for beginners or specific projects?

We stock router bit sets designed for beginners and specific projects, ranging from 2 to 15 pieces. These sets are curated to provide a comprehensive array of bits for various applications, from basic edging and grooving to more advanced joinery and decorative work. Such sets are ideal for woodworkers looking to expand their capabilities or those starting their woodworking journey, offering quality, versatility, and value.

How do I maintain and care for my router bits to ensure longevity?

Maintaining and caring for your router bits involves regular cleaning to remove resin and wood chips, using a resin cleaner or solvent. Keep the bits sharp with appropriate sharpening tools or services, and store them in a dry, organised manner to prevent damage. Protect the cutting edges from contact with hard surfaces or other bits. Proper maintenance extends the life of your router bits and ensures they're always ready to go.

Do you have any tips for setting up my router bit in the router?

When setting up your router bit in the router, ensure it's inserted into the collet properly but not bottomed out. A general rule is to insert the bit until it's fully seated, then pull it back slightly before tightening. This prevents the bit from coming loose during operation. Additionally, make sure the bit is aligned with your desired cutting depth, checking for secure attachment before starting your router.

What are the safety tips for using router bits effectively and safely?

Safety tips for using router bits include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment like safety glasses and hearing protection when in a loud workshop for prolonged hours. Always ensure your workpiece is securely clamped or held in place. Keep your hands clear of the cutting area and never adjust the router or bit while the tool is powered on. Familiarise yourself with the operation of your router and the specific bit you're using to minimise risks.

What materials are your router bits manufactured from?

Our router bits are primarily manufactured from high-quality, high-speed steel (HSS) or carbide. HSS bits are durable and suitable for a wide range of applications, while carbide bits offer superior hardness and longevity, especially for heavy-duty or frequent use. The choice of material ensures that our router bits can withstand the demands of various woodworking tasks, providing clean cuts and long-lasting performance.

Are your router bits covered under warranty?

Our router bits come with a limited lifetime warranty, covering defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty ensures that woodworkers can confidently purchase the items they need, knowing that our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction backs their tools.

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