Measuring Calipers

Timbecon's selection of callipers, verniers, and micrometers is for woodworking professionals who demand precision in their work. These tools, from trusted brands, are essential for accurate measurement in various woodworking tasks. They ensure that every cut and join is exact, maintaining the high standard of work expected by professional tradespeople.



What types of callipers and micrometers are available?

Timbecon's range includes digital and analog callipers, as well as precision micrometers, each suited for specific measuring needs in woodworking.

How accurate are these measuring tools?

These tools are designed for high precision, offering accuracy that's essential for quality woodworking.

Are digital or analog tools better for woodworking?

It depends on your preference and project needs. Digital tools offer quick readings, while analog tools provide a traditional approach to precise measurements.

Can these tools be used on all types of wood?

Yes, they are versatile and can be used for measuring various types of wood, whether soft or hard.

How do I maintain these measuring tools?

Keep them clean and store them in a dry place. Regular calibration is recommended for maintaining accuracy.

Do these tools come with a warranty?

Yes, they do. Warranty details vary by brand and product. It's best to check the specific product information for warranty details.

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