Woodturning Lathe Chucks & Jaws: Essential Tools for Every Turner

Timbecon's Woodturning Chucks & Jaws selection is all about precision and functionality. Our collection is specifically curated for professional and new woodturners, offering a variety of chucks and jaws to suit any project.


Our Range: High-Quality and Diverse

  • Vicmarc and Torquata Chucks & Jaws: Known for their durability and precision. Options like the Vicmarc Scroll Chuck and the Torquata 100mm Scroll Chuck Heavy-Duty Bowl Jaws are ideal for turners looking for reliable, long-lasting performance.
  • Lathe Accessories: Enhance your woodturning experience with our range of lathe accessories, including tool rests, live centres, and more.
  • Lathes & Attachments: Discover our woodturning lathes and attachments, perfect for beginners and experienced turners.


How do I choose the right chuck or jaws for my project?

Consider the size of your workpiece and the turning you're doing. Larger projects require a more robust chuck or a larger face plate.

Can these chucks be used with any lathe?

Most chucks are designed to fit a variety of lathes, boutlut it's important to check the thread size and compatibility with your specific lathe model.

What maintenance do chucks and jaws require?

Regular cleaning to remove wood dust and debris is essential. Also, periodically check for any wear or damage to ensure they function safely and effectively.


Can I use the same chuck for different types of turning projects?

Many chucks are versatile and come with interchangeable jaws to suit different projects, from bowl turning to spindle work.


Elevate Your Woodturning with Timbecon's Lathe Chucks & Jaws

Whether you're shaping a delicate piece or a large bowl, our Woodturning Lathe Chucks & Jaws provide the precision and support needed for your projects. Explore our range and find the perfect tools to enhance your wood-turning craftsmanship.

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