Torquata 100mm Scroll Chuck Spigot Jaws

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    Torquata 100mm Scroll Chuck Spigot Jaws

    Spigot jaws are heavy section jaws with a powerful grip for spigot (tenon) turning.

    Available in two different sizes. Please select your size from the drop-down menu.

    With a special serrated tooth form, the Torquata spigot jaws grip firmly in the contraction mode, providing high tear-out strength. These jaws really hang on to your workpiece where a long overhang is needed or hollowing into end grain, these jaws provide superior gripping power. In expansion mode, a special dovetail profile is designed for maximum strength and holding without crushing wood fibres.

    35mm Jaws Capacity: 

    • Jaw Travel Contracting 30-58mm
    • Jaw Travel Expanding 51-81mm

    45mm Jaws Capacity:

    • Jaw Travel Contracting 41-68mm
    • Jaw Travel Expanding 52-83mm

    To see these jaws in action, watch the video above...

    Please Note: Torquata scroll chuck jaws will only fit the Torquata TSC-100 Scroll Chuck and are not interchangeable with any other brands.

    35mm Spigot Jaws
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    RRP: $59.90
    45mm Spigot Jaws
    $39.90 June Sale! (inc GST)
    RRP: $59.90

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