Mitre & Corner Clamps

For precision and reliability in your woodworking projects, Timbecon's selection of mitre and corner clamps is second to none. These clamps, essential for any woodworker, are designed to hold your work securely, ensuring accuracy in every joint and corner. Our corner clamps are perfect for creating tight, flawless corners, essential in framing and cabinetry. For those working with timber, our clamps provide the necessary grip and stability, making them indispensable in ensuring your project's structural integrity. Each clamp in our collection is designed for ease of use, durability, and precision, catering to both professional and home workshop environments.

Elevate Your Framing Skills with Timbecon's Clamps

Beyond  mitre and corner clamps, we also offer a wider range of clamping solutions, including speciality, toggle and corner. Whether you're dealing with unique shapes, challenging angles or require quick and easy clamping solutions, our speciality and toggle clamps offer versatility and efficiency for a variety of projects. Visit Timbecon today to explore these innovative clamping options and equip your workshop with tools that elevate your woodworking projects, ensuring precision and ease in every task. With the right tools from Timbecon, your woodworking is limited only by your imagination.



What are mitre and corner clamps used for?

Mitre and corner clamps are essential tools in woodworking, used for holding pieces at specific angles, typically 90 degrees. They are ideal for creating frames, boxes, or any project where precise corner alignment is crucial. These clamps ensure that the jointed edges fit together seamlessly.

Do you offer different sizes of mitre and corner clamps?

Yes, we offer a variety of sizes in our mitre and corner clamp range, with sizes extending from 3.6m to 7m long band clamps. This variety ensures that woodworkers have the flexibility to work on projects of different scales, from small picture frames to larger timber constructions.

Are these clamps suitable for professional woodworking projects?

Our mitre and corner clamps, including corner and band clamps, are crafted to meet the demands of professional woodworking. Their robust design and precise clamping mechanism make them suitable for high-quality woodworking projects, ensuring reliable and accurate results every time.

Can I use these clamps for picture framing?

Yes, our mitre and corner clamps are perfect for picture framing. They provide the necessary precision and stability required for assembling picture frames, ensuring corners are perfectly aligned and the frame is square.

How much pressure is required for joining frames?

The amount of pressure required for joining frames depends on the specific project. Our clamps are designed to apply sufficient pressure to secure the joints without damaging the wood. It's important to adjust the pressure based on the material and the size of the frame.

How do I choose the right type of clamp for my project?

Selecting the right clamp involves considering the project size, the type of joint, and the material. For precise corner joints, such as in picture framing or cabinet making, corner clamps or specific mitre clamps are most suitable. For larger projects, you may need longer clamps to accommodate bigger timber pieces.

Do these clamps come with any warranties?

Yes, our mitre and corner clamps are backed by warranties, reflecting our commitment to quality and durability. The warranty terms vary depending on the product, offering customers assurance in their investment and the longevity of the tools.

Are there any tips for using mitre and corner clamps effectively?

  • Ensure the wood surfaces are clean, smooth, and square.
  • Align the clamp so that it exerts even pressure across the joint.
  • Avoid over-tightening to prevent wood distortion.
  • Regularly check the alignment using a square for accuracy.
  • It's also beneficial to use protective pads to prevent marring the wood.

Are there any special maintenance requirements for these clamps?

  • Clean them regularly to remove any dust, debris, or adhesive residue.
  • Store them in a dry, cool place to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Regularly inspect the clamping mechanism and lubricate moving parts to ensure smooth operation.
  • Promptly address any signs of wear or damage to maintain optimal performance.