Baladonia Heavy Duty Alloy Mitre Clamp

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    Baladonia Heavy Duty Alloy Mitre Clamp

    The most rugged, robust mitre clamp on the market

    This alloy mitre corner clamp is great for oversize carcass clamping - doing one corner at a time - making it easy to use for complex glue-ups. The adjustable jaw pivots on its knuckle so it can clamp two work pieces of different thicknesses whilst still maintaining a 90-degree join - improving accuracy and the outcome.

    Simply aluminium bodied mitre clamps are one thing, but when you add solid steel screws, knucles and bars then you have a mitre clamp you'll never have to replace. It's purpose built for woodworkers, by woodworkers, with a specialised design unique to these models.

    And for such a competitive price point? You won't find a better woodworking mitre clamp anywhere.

    Must have alloy mitre clamp features

    • Adjustable jaw pivots for two different thicknesses simultaneously
    • One of the toughest built designs on the Australian market
    • Brilliant for oversize carcasses
    • Possibly the best picture framing clamp
    • Makes gluing and clamping a breeze for a lifetime
    • High quality aluminium alloy and steel build

    An Alloy mitre clamp that's heavy duty!

    Maximum material thickness is 75mm - ample for most applications. The base and jaw is produced from high-quality aluminium alloy with the clamping screw, handle and knuckle produced from bright steel for long-life. It has holes cast in the base so it can be fixed down to bench or worktable as needed.

    Clamp Sold Individually
    $59.90 (inc GST)

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