Marking Gauges & Mortice Gauges

At Timbecon, you'll find a selection of precision tools vital for accurate woodworking. This range includes various marking and mortice gauges, designed to cater to the specific needs of professional woodworkers. These tools are crucial for ensuring precise measurements and markings, a fundamental aspect of quality craftsmanship.



What types of marking gauges are available?

The range includes different sizes and styles of marking and mortice gauges, each offering precision for different marking needs.

How do marking gauges enhance woodworking?

Marking gauges provide exact reference lines, which are essential for accurate joinery and fittings.

Are these tools suitable for complex projects?

They're designed for precision in both simple and complex woodworking tasks.

Can beginners use these tools effectively?

Yes, while they are professional-grade, beginners can also use them to learn accurate woodworking techniques.

Do you offer different sizes and types?

We have a variety of sizes and types to suit different woodworking requirements.

Is there guidance available on using these tools?

Yes, we offer tips and advice on how to use these tools for optimal results.