Crown Traditional Rosewood Mortice Gauge

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    Crown Traditional Rosewood Mortice Gauge 153-W

    Crown: Keeping woodworking tradition alive.

    A solid Mortice Gauge built to last a lifetime. It is produced from Rosewood with a solid 18.5mm arm measuring 203mm long. The Mortice pins can be positioned anywhere between 6.0 - 140mm apart using the second adjustable pin that runs on a 4.75 x 5.50mm T-Profile Brass strip.

    It features 3mm Brass wear-strips installed in the face of the solid 65 x 56 x 28mm fence, and a knurled Brass knob to lock the fence in place. 

    The underside has a single pin which allows it to be used as a standard Marking Gauge with a maximum capacity of 135mm.

    When buying this Gauge you are buying from one of the last few manufacturers based out of Sheffield, England where the place of manufacture still equates to the premium quality that it has been known for hundreds of years. You will immediately appreciate the quality of this and other Rosewood Gauges in the Crown range.

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