Crown Miniature Try Square

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    Crown Miniature Try Square 133-MW

    Crown: Keeping woodworking tradition alive.

    When working on small projects, smaller tools that you can still rely on for accuracy are a must. This great little square fits the bill perfectly and with the Crown logo stamped on there, you know it's going to be a great tool to use for many years to come.

    The handle is produced from imported Rosewood and measures 67 x 32 x 15mm. The face has a thick 3mm solid brass strip on the front which maintains its squareness to the blade for many years. The 75mm-long, 1.0mm thick blued tool steel blade measures 71mm to the brass face or 102mm overall. It is fixed in place with three solid brass rivets and is manufactured to the BS3322 standard.

    The BS3322 standard means each square is tested for accuracy twice during manufacture and again immediately prior to dispatch from the manufacturer. The squares are tested on both the inside and outside faces, with an accuracy better than 0.01mm per 10mm blade length. 

    A great little feature of this square is the relief at the top of the handle which is set at 45º so it can be used as both a try (90º) and mitre square, making it great value-for-money.

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