Melbourne Tool Company: Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

At Timbecon, we proudly feature the Melbourne Tool Company, renowned for its high-quality woodworking tools. This brand offers an array of essential tools for both professional woodworkers and passionate enthusiasts, characterised by their precision engineering and durability.


Product Highlights from Melbourne Tool Company

  • Block, Smoothing, and Jack Planes: These tools are fundamental for any woodworking project, offering versatility and top-notch performance.
  • Router Planes: Essential for creating precise, clean-bottomed inlays and rebates, these tools are a go-to for detailed woodworking.
  • Spokeshaves: Both flat and round sole spokeshaves are available, perfect for shaping and smoothing curved surfaces.
  • Cabinet Scrapers: A superb alternative to sanding, these tools offer a simple and efficient method for cleaning up surfaces.


Discover Quality with Melbourne Tool Company

The Melbourne Tool Company, available at Timbecon, is your destination for tools that blend traditional craftsmanship and modern technology into your workshop. Explore our range and experience the difference in quality and performance these tools offer.