Melbourne Tool Company Set of Nine Hand Planes & Tools Plus Blades

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    Melbourne Tool Company Set of Nine Hand Planes & Tools Plus Blades MTC-9-DELUXE

    If you want to work with wood, then you need a good set of tools, and there’s no better way to get started than with the Melbourne Tool Company Kit of Nine MTC Planes, Tools & Blades. Featuring the complete kit of Melbourne Tool offerings, this kit has got you covered for all the fundamental tools to work wood by hand.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And to do this well, you need good tools. Melbourne Tool Company offers tools that are genuine, accurate and accessible, tools designed for the woodworker in you. Welcome to the MTC family. 

    Included Tools:

    • MTC-49407 - Low Angle Block Plane

    • MTC-49414 - Low Angle Smoothing Plane

    • MTC-49421 - Low Angle Jack Plane

    • MTC-49438 - Low Angle Jointing Plane 

    • MTC-10674 - Small Router Plane

    • MTC-11084 - Large Router Plane

    • MTC-10643 - Flat Sole Spokeshave

    • MTC-10650 - Round Sole Spokeshave

    • MTC-11428 - Cabinet Scraper

    Please visit the individual product pages for further information. 

    This deluxe kit includes all different styles of blades for each tool. Please see the ‘Specifications’ tab for blade information. 

    Owner’s manual  

    Your MTC tools are delivered individually packaged in a foam lined cardboard box. Inside is a QR code you can scan to download your comprehensive Owner’s Manual. Visit the Melbourne Tool Company website for additional products, information downloads and video content. 

    About Melbourne Tool Company  

    Melbourne Tool Company produces genuine, accurate and accessible tools for people passionate about woodworking. To learn more about Melbourne Tool Company visit 

    Included Low Angle Plane Blades: 

    All Low Angle Planes come fitted with the standard 25 degree blade.  

    Tool Model Blade Model
    Low Angle Block Plane MTC-49452 - 38 degree blade
    MTC-49469 - 50 degree blade
    Low Angle Smoothing Plane MTC-49483 - 38 degree blade
    MTC-49490 - 50 degree blade
    Low Angle Jack Plane MTC-49513 - 38 degree blade
    MTC-49520 - 50 degree blade
    Low Angle Jointing Plane  MTC-49544 - 38 degree blade
    MTC-49551 - 50 degree blade

    Included Small Router Plane Blades:

    The Small Router Plane comes fitted with the standard 1/4in blade.

    Metric Imperial
    MTC-10681 - 1.0mm MTC-11039 - 1/16in (1.6mm)
    MTC-10698 - 2.0mm MTC-11046 - 3/32in (2.4mm)
    MTC-10704 - 3.0mm MTC-11053 - 1/8in (3.2mm)
    MTC-10711 - 4.0mm (5/32in equivalent)  
    MTC-10728 - 5.0mm MTC-11060 - 3/16in (4.8mm)

    Included Large Router Plane Blades:

    The Large Router Plane comes fitted with the standard 1/2in blade.

    Metric Imperial
    MTC-11091 - 3.0mm MTC-11145 - 1/8in (3.2mm)
    MTC-11107 - 6.0mm MTC-11169 - 3/16in (4.8mm)
    MTC-11114 - 8.0mm MTC-11183 - 1/4in (6.4mm)
    MTC-11121 - 10.0mm MTC-11206 - 5/16in (7.9mm)
    MTC-11138 - 12.0mm MTC-11213 - 3/8in (9.5mm)
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