Panel & Sash Clamps

At Timbecon, we understand that securing your work is as crucial as the work itself. Our comprehensive selection of clamps, including panel clamps and sash clamps, offers versatile and robust solutions for any woodworking project. Panel and Sash clamps are some of the largest clamps available in woodworking. Their rugged construction and long working length allow larger projects to be clamped together, especially useful for cabinetmaking. Whilst these clamps can be used interchangeably, they shine in particular tasks. Panel clamps for wide surface areas and joining large boards, and sash clamps for strong, even pressure over a long distance.

Secure Your Projects with Confidence with Timbecon 

Explore our collection and find the perfect clamp to hold your work in place. From professionals to woodworking beginners, our range caters to all, ensuring every project is handled carefully and precisely. Visit Timbecon today to find the clamping solution that suits your project's needs and enhance your woodworking experience with tools you can rely on.


What types of Panel and Sash Clamps do you offer?

Our range includes an array of clamps suitable for various woodworking tasks. This includes versatile parallel clamps, the adjustable Vario, K-body clamp jaw tilting adaptors, and efficient 4-way panel clamps. Whether you need a panel clamp for large projects, or sash clamps for secure, even pressure, our selection has you covered.

How do I choose the right clamp for my woodworking needs?

Choosing the right clamp depends on your project's specific requirements. Consider your project's size, shape, and nature and the amount of force you’ll need. A long sash clamp, for example, is going to be more suitable for joining a tabletop over a quick-release clamp.

What is the maximum clamping capacity of your clamps?

Our clamps come in various sizes, with the maximum clamping capacity reaching up to 1830mm.

Are your clamps suitable for both hardwood and softwood projects?

Yes, our range of clamps, including panel clamps and sash clamps, are suitable for both hardwood and softwood projects. They are designed to provide secure clamping without damaging the material.

How do I maintain and care for these clamps to ensure their longevity?

To maintain the clamps, regularly clean them to remove any adhesive or wood residue. Lubricate moving parts occasionally to ensure smooth operation, and store them in a dry place to prevent rust or corrosion.

What safety precautions should I consider when using these clamps?

Ensure the workpiece is securely fastened to prevent movement. Keep your workspace tidy to avoid accidents, and carefully adjust and tighten the clamps to ensure stability and prevent unexpected shifts.

What is the best way to store these clamps?

Store clamps in a dry, clean environment. Hang them or place them in a rack to prevent damage. Keeping them organized also makes them easier to access for your next project.

Do you offer discounts for purchases of multiple clamps?

At Timbecon, we appreciate that larger projects and workshop setups often require multiple clamps. To support this, we offer discounts on bulk purchases of our pipe, panel, and sash clamps. Whether you're expanding your workshop collection or gearing up for a substantial project, our clamp kits and bulk purchase options provide cost-effective solutions. Explore our kit options on our clamp listing page or contact our customer service team for more information on available discounts.

Can I use these clamps for materials other than wood?

While primarily designed for woodworking, many of our clamps can be used on other materials. However, always check the specific clamp’s capability to ensure it’s suitable for the material you intend to use.

Are there any guarantees or warranties provided with your clamps?

Our clamps come with guarantees or warranties, assuring you of their quality and durability. The terms and conditions vary depending on the model, so please refer to the product details for specific information.

How do I ensure even pressure distribution when using panel clamps?

Ensuring even pressure with panel clamps is crucial for successful glue-ups and joinery. Begin by evenly spacing the clamps along the length of the panel. Apply pressure gradually and check for any bowing or misalignment. It's important to alternate clamps on both sides of the panel to balance the pressure. Using cauls can also help distribute the pressure across the width of the panel, preventing warping. Regularly adjust the pressure during the clamping process to ensure uniformity, especially for longer glue-up times.

Do you offer replacement parts or accessories for these clamps?

We provide some select replacement parts and accessories for our clamps. If you need to replace a component or enhance a clamp’s functionality, check our website or contact our customer service for availability.