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  • A simple universal design that has been around for years and still “does the job”. This one is manufactured in Taiwan so it has clean, accurate castings and is well assembled.

    Will clamp any blades 3.2 – 76.1mm wide and runs along a simple alloy wheel on the stone. Great value-for-money.

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  • This guide will clamp blades and chisels anywhere from 0 – 63mm by sandwiching the blade between the base and clamp. The brass nuts and nylon washers make it easy to have good clamping pressure without over-tightening and damaging your tool or the guide.

    The 40mm-wide brass roller provides stability when rolling on the stone. This can be removed to expose a ledge that can then be run against your bench grinder tool rest to use as a straight grinding jig. 

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  • Stop your water stone sliding all over the bench. Made in Japan of quality stainless steel and non-slip rubber so that it can be used to suspend in your water bath when not in use, this will hold stones of any width and thickness and a length of 180-230mm.

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  • The key to consistent and fast honing is repeatability – and this guide delivers it in spades. Whether you're a sharpening veteran or just starting out, this versatile guide lets you concentrate on sharpening without worrying about controlling blade angle at the same time. This makes your honing reliable, accurate and consistent.

    The original standard Mk II honing guide includes the standard clamping head, straight roller base and angle registration jig. It's the option most useful for woodworkers who mostly use planes and other wide blades. It accepts blades between 12.7mm and 73.0mm wide and up to 11.9mm thick, including skew blades. It hones bevel angles from 15° to 54° and back bevels from 10° to 20°.

    Offering an impressive range of angle settings, the integral blade angle registration jig squares the blade and sets the bevel angle in one easy step. A scale and sighting mark help center blades when using the standard head. Once the blade is clamped, the jig slides off the guide.

    The optional Veritas Skew Registration Jig locks into the MkII honing guide to make quick work of setting both skew and bevel angles (left- or right-hand) of chisel and plane blades.

    The jig's machined aluminum base provides skew angle markings that are laser etched for accuracy and legibility. The skew angle graduations cover the range of 10° to 45° in 5° increments, and there are additional marks (18°, 22°, 28°) to cover the angles of popular skew plane blades.

    The base has four distinct tracks providing four bevel angle settings: 20°, 25°, 30°, and 35°. (The honing guide's eccentric roller allows variation from these angles for creating a micro-bevel.) The unique sliding fence with blade stop allows you to match an existing skew angle visually – even if it is non-standard.

    The included straight roller hones straight edges. At 50.8mm wide, it provides a stable base for even the narrowest of blades. The barrel-shaped camber roller (available separately) lets you rock the guide slightly to hone a slight curve or camber into a blade edge, eliminating blade tracks when planing.

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