Flocking Products: Add Texture and Colour to Your Creations

Welcome to the Flocking Products category at Timbecon, where we offer a range of products to bring a unique texture and colour to your woodworking projects. Flocking involves applying small fibres to a surface to create a decorative finish that is visually appealing and pleasant to touch.


Our Range of Flocking Products

  • Flocking Powders: Available in various colours, including red, royal blue, and black, our flocking powders are perfect for adding a velvety texture to your projects.
  • Flocking Powder Applicator Gun: This tool ensures an even and thorough application of flocking powder, making your work efficient and effective.



What is flocking, and how is it used in woodworking?

Flocking is the process of applying tiny fibres to a surface to create a textured finish. It's commonly used in woodworking to line boxes or create decorative patterns on pieces.

How do I apply flocking powder to my project?

First, apply an adhesive to the area you want to flock. Then, use the flocking powder applicator gun to distribute the flocking powder evenly over the adhesive.

Can I mix different colours of flocking powder?

Yes, you can mix different colours to create custom shades. However, testing your colour mix on a small area is recommended first.

How long does it take for the flocking to set?

After applying the flocking powder, leaving it to set overnight is best. The adhesive needs time to dry completely for the fibres to adhere correctly.

Is there a way to remove flocking if I make a mistake?

Once the flocking has set, it's quite durable and not easy to remove. It's best to work carefully and use masking tape to cover areas you don't want flocked.


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Elevate Your Woodworking Projects with Timbecon's Flocking Products

Whether you're a professional woodworker or an enthusiast, our flocking products offer an easy way to add a unique touch to your creations. Check out our range today and start experimenting with texture and colour in your woodworking projects.