Diamond Sharpening Stones & Plates

Diamond stones and plates are essential tools in precision sharpening and are known for their durability and effectiveness. Made from industrial diamonds bonded to a hard, flat surface, these sharpening tools are designed to hone various tools and blades with unmatched efficiency. The key advantage of diamond stones is their ability to cut quickly, maintaining a consistent sharpening angle across even the most challenging materials without frequent flattening or conditioning. They're ideal for those seeking quick, reliable results, from fine woodworking tools to kitchen knives, offering coarse and fine grit options to meet diverse sharpening needs.

Diamond sharpening plates also excel in longevity, capable of providing years of reliable service with minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. Explore our selection to find the perfect diamond stone or plate to keep your tools in peak condition, and consider complementing them with our wet stone sharpeners for a comprehensive sharpening setup.




What types of sharpening stones does Timbecon offer?

Timbecon offers a comprehensive range of sharpening stones to suit various needs, including regular diamond plates, double-sided diamond plates, diamond hand laps, diamond router bit sharpeners, and sharpening systems. Each type serves a specific purpose, from quick touch-ups with a pen hand lap to more extensive sharpening tasks using diamond plates. This variety ensures that whether you're maintaining a fine edge on a chisel or giving a new life to a router bit, there's a diamond stone in our selection tailored for the task.

How do I choose the right diamond stone for my tools?

Choosing the right diamond stone involves considering the grit size needed for your sharpening task and the size of the tools you intend to sharpen. To restore dull edges, start with a coarser grit and progress to finer grits for honing. The tool's size also dictates the stone's size—larger tools require larger stones for effective sharpening. Consider the types of tools you frequently use and select a diamond stone that offers the versatility and grit range to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of using a diamond sharpening stone?

Diamond sharpening stones offer numerous benefits, including exceptional durability and the ability to quickly sharpen even the most demanding steel. They require no soaking before use and maintain their flatness over time, providing consistent performance without frequent dressing. Diamond stones also offer a wide range of grit sizes, from rapid material removal to fine polishing, making them versatile tools in any sharpening regimen.

What woodworking tools can I sharpen using diamond stones?

Diamond stones can sharpen a broad spectrum of woodworking tools, from chisels and plane blades to gouges and carving tools. Their hard abrasive surface suits high-speed steel and carbide-tipped tools, ensuring a sharp edge for clean, precise cuts in your woodworking projects.

How do I maintain and clean my diamond sharpening stone?

Maintaining and cleaning your diamond sharpening stone is straightforward. After each use, clean the stone with the cleaning stick provided to remove stubborn residues or honing oil. The stone can also be rinsed with water to remove any metal filings or debris. Ensure the stone is dry before storing it to prevent any potential rust on metal components. Regular cleaning helps preserve the stone's cutting efficiency and extends its lifespan.

How long should my diamond stones last me with standard use?

The lifespan of diamond stones can vary widely based on usage patterns, but high-quality stones like our MPOWER range come with a 10-year guarantee. This reflects their durability and the long-term value they provide, assuming proper care and maintenance. "Standard use" varies between users, but with regular care, your diamond stones should serve you well for many years.

Are diamond stones better than traditional whetstones?

Diamond stones and traditional whetstones each have their advantages. Diamond stones cut faster and don't require soaking or flattening, making them convenient and time-efficient. Traditional whetstones, on the other hand, offer a more tactile sharpening experience and can provide an ultra-smooth finish. The choice between them often comes down to personal preference and the specific requirements of the sharpening task

What are the benefits of hand sharpening versus using a grinder?

Hand sharpening with diamond stones offers greater control over the sharpening process, allowing for precision and care that's hard to achieve with a grinder. It reduces the risk of overheating and damaging the tool's temper and provides a satisfying tactile experience. Hand sharpening is also quieter and safer, making it a preferred method for many enthusiasts and professionals.

Are any parts of diamond stones subject to rust?

While the diamond surface itself won't rust, diamond stones with metal components can be susceptible to rust if not correctly cared for. It's important to dry these stones thoroughly after use, especially if water or honing oil has been applied during sharpening, and store them in a dry environment to prevent rusting.

What grit sizes are available for diamond sharpening stones at Timbecon?

At Timbecon, diamond sharpening stones are available in a range of grit sizes to suit various sharpening stages: 100 (extra coarse), 250 or 300 (coarse), 400 (medium), 600 (fine), and 1200 (superfine). This selection allows users to choose the appropriate grit for their specific sharpening needs, from aggressive material removal to fine polishing.

How long do diamond sharpening stones typically last?

With proper care and use, diamond sharpening stones can last for many years, offering consistent performance and durability. The exact lifespan will depend on the frequency of use and the types of tools sharpened, but high-quality diamond stones are designed for longevity and sustained effectiveness.

Can diamond stones sharpen both knives and woodworking tools?

Diamond stones are versatile enough to sharpen both knives and a wide range of woodworking tools. Their ability to quickly produce a sharp edge makes them suitable for kitchen knives, pocket knives, chisels, plane blades, and more, providing a one-stop sharpening solution for various tools in your collection.

Are your diamond stones covered under warranty?

Our diamond stones come with a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality. MPOWER diamond stones are covered under a 10-year warranty and Eze-Lap with limited lifetime warranty, which protects against defects in materials and workmanship, providing peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.