M Power Double Sided Pocket Diamond Stone 80x50mm 300/600grit

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    M Power Double Sided Pocket Diamond Stone 80x50mm 300/600grit MP-20155

    Please Note: Pictured is the old design. The new design features a wave pattern on the diamond plate. You may recieved the new design once stock of the old design has run out.

    The M Power Credit Card diamond plate is a handy little sharpener, successfully used for years by woodworkers, crafters through to other groups such as fishermen and gardeners. The size is perfect however the Diamond Cross Credit Card has some great improvements, and it’s the first Credit Card diamond stone to incorporate a handle.

    It sounds obvious but by not having a handle, the user has to hold the stone by the same surface that the tool is being sharpened on. So one slip and the first thing the tool tip or blade edge could meet is the hand that’s holding the stone. So it’s safer than before. And for those who like to use a lubricant when sharpening be it a lapping fluid or just water. The handle keeps the fluid on the cutting surface not on your hands, so there’s less mess. 

    • GPS - General Purpose Stone - The Credit Card is one of three Diamond Cross designs designated as a GPS. Denoting its versatility in being able to sharpen a huge array of tools. 
    • Handy Size - At 80 x 50mm it's a brilliant for the “on site” tool bag, or just at home in the kitchen drawer. The GPS Diamond Cross Credit card takes up minimal space and will provide an outstanding sharpening performance for so many different applications. 
    • Double Sided 300-600 Grit - M Power decided very early on that it made no sense to manufacture single sided diamond stones. The cost of the Stainless steel is the same for a single or double sided. So all Diamond Cross Stones are double sided giving twice the sharpening area. 
    • Side One Coarse 300 grit diamond grade  - Used for fast stock removal, Ideal for the preparation of the edge.  
    • Side Two Fine or 600 grit diamond grade - Used for honing a primary edge
    • Solid 1.5mm Thick Anti Rust Stainless Steel Core - The majority of diamond stones on the market are manufactured in steel. However our drive to produce the best quality diamond stones that we possibly could ensured we used stainless steel - the superior “non rusting” option for the Diamond Cross range of stones. 
    • Diamond Cross Patterned Recess - The Highly distinctive DC embossed patterned recesses provides the perfect balance between the ultra hardwearing diamond coverage and anti clog properties of the patterned recess. 
    • In Surface Grit Indicator - Every side of every Diamond Cross sharpening stone has a large embedded number that indicates the diamond grade on that side. 
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