M Power Fasttrack Knife Sharpener

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    M Power Fasttrack Knife Sharpener MP-20079

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    This is the first M Power product designed specifically for use in the kitchen. Although we're pretty sure when woodworkers find themselves cooking, they're likely to prefer using knives that have a sharp edge. While it's not something that would be core to the Timbecon range, we received a prototype from M Power and when using it home, found out how great a product it really is. 

    15 years ago M Power launched a unique lateral stroke sharpener for chisels and plane blades. 

    The name of the product was and is FAST Track - an acronym - Fixed Angle Sharpening Technology 

    The Fasttrack Knife Sharpener embraces the FAST Track ethos of a controlled, predictable and repeatable sharpening stroke - No other handheld sharpener does this. Although it's taken 12 years from the first prototype to commercial launch, once you use it you'll think it was worth the wait.

    It truly embodies the idea of genuine "knife care". Being the only handheld sharpener in the world that has interchangeable grades of diamond stones and an "on board" real leather strop for finishing that freshly ground edge; but most important is the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener's ability to create and maintain a truly fine edge in seconds.

    The Fasttrack Knife Sharpener comes with a 220 grit plate. Other Fasttrack plates can be found HERE. Plates are interchangeable so you can sharpen your knives with a variety of grits.




    What makes the M Power Fasttrack Knife Sharpener unique compared to other hand held sharpeners?

    The M Power Fasttrack Knife Sharpener differentiates itself with a precision-engineered design that guarantees consistent sharpening angles, a challenge often encountered with manual sharpening. Unlike traditional sharpeners, it incorporates high-quality diamond stones, offering a superior edge with less effort and time. The system's adaptability to various knife sizes and types, including those utilised in woodworking, ensures a broad application range, making it a versatile tool for both the kitchen and the workshop.

    Can the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener be used on all types of kitchen knives?

    The Fasttrack Knife Sharpener is designed for a large range of knives across various shapes, materials and sizes. It effectively sharpens both steel and stainless steel blades, ensuring every knife in your kitchen (and toolbox) can achieve a razor-sharp edge. However, the design and technology of this sharpener make it unsuitable for ceramic knives, which require a different sharpening approach.

    How does the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener ensure a controlled and repeatable sharpening stroke?

    By incorporating embedded rare earth magnets, the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener secures the knife blade firmly against a strike plate, creating a consistent sharpening angle with each stroke. This innovative feature ensures the blade interacts with the diamond stone at the optimal angle, maintaining uniformity in sharpening strokes and delivering a consistently sharp edge across the entire blade length, enhancing both the safety and quality of the sharpening process.

    Are the diamond stones in the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener interchangeable, and what grades are available?

    The Fasttrack Knife Sharpener features interchangeable diamond stones, allowing users to customise their sharpening experience based on the specific needs of their knives. Available in a range of grades from coarse, for reshaping and repairing edges, to fine, for honing and polishing, these diamond stones cater to all stages of the sharpening process. This flexibility ensures that whether you're repairing a damaged edge or refining an already sharp knife, the Fasttrack system has the tools you need for the job.

    How long does it typically take to sharpen a knife using the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener?

    Sharpening a knife with the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener is quick and efficient, typically taking just a few minutes to transform a dull blade into a sharp one. The duration can vary based on the initial condition of the knife and the desired sharpness level. However, thanks to the effective design and high-quality diamond stones, users can expect to achieve professional results in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional sharpening methods.

    Is the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener suitable for both professional chefs and home cooks?

    Designed for versatility and ease of use, the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener is ideal for professional chefs and home cooks. Its ability to quickly and accurately sharpen a wide range of knives makes it a valuable asset in any kitchen setting. Professionals will appreciate the consistent results and time-saving benefits, while home cooks will find it enhances the enjoyment and efficiency of their cooking times.

    Can the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener be used for sharpening other tools besides kitchen knives?

    While its primary function is to sharpen kitchen knives, the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener's design allows woodworkers and craftsmen to sharpen specific workshop knives and tools. Its versatility extends its utility beyond the kitchen, making it a comprehensive sharpening solution for various blades, ensuring optimal performance in both culinary and craft applications.

    Just make sure to use different diamond stones or thoroughly clean any woodworking knives before use - especially if you plan to use this product in the kitchen as well.

    How do I maintain and clean the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener?

    Regular cleaning is essential to keep your Fasttrack Knife Sharpener in top condition. After each use, gently remove any metal filings or residue from the sharpener and diamond stones with a soft cloth. For more thorough cleaning, lightly brush the diamond stones with a soft-bristled brush to remove any particles, ensuring not to apply too much pressure that could damage the stones. It's important to keep the sharpener dry and free from any debris that could impair its function. This simple maintenance routine will help extend the lifespan of your sharpener and maintain its sharpening efficiency.

    Do I need to use any lubrication when sharpening with the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener?

    No lubrication is required when using the Fasttrack Knife Sharpener. The diamond stones are designed to be used dry, eliminating the need for water or honing oils. This feature simplifies the sharpening process and contributes to a cleaner, more straightforward maintenance routine.

    How do I maintain my Diamond Stones to ensure longevity?

    Proper care of your diamond stones involves regular cleaning to remove buildup and prevent glazing, which can reduce their effectiveness. Washing them with warm water and a mild detergent helps keep them in prime condition. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture when not in use, and store them in a protective case or environment to minimise the risk of accidental damage. With appropriate care, your diamond stones will continue to provide excellent sharpening performance for many years.

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