Dust Filters & Room Cleaners


At Timbecon, our selection of dust filters and cartridges is designed to enhance your workshop's air quality and dust management system. Our range includes high-efficiency dust cartridge filters, ideal for capturing even the finest particles. Whether you're looking for a replacement dust filter or upgrading your current system, our options ensure optimal performance and durability. We offer industrial-pleated cartridge filters that are perfect for demanding environments and are easy to maintain. Each product in our collection is engineered to provide maximum filtration, ensuring a cleaner, healthier workspace for every woodworking enthusiast. 

For those looking to optimise their dust collection systems further, consider our Dust Deputy Cyclone Separators, an excellent addition for separating larger particles and extending the life of your filters. Explore our dust filters and cartridges to find the perfect fit for your dust extraction system.



What is the primary purpose of dust filters and cartridges in woodworking?

Dust filters and cartridges are essential for capturing and containing fine dust particles produced during woodworking. Their primary purpose is to improve air quality and prevent dust from accumulating in the workshop, which can impact health and machinery performance.

How often should I replace or clean my woodworking dust filter?

The frequency of replacement or cleaning depends on the equipment usage. Regularly inspect and clean your dust filter, and replace it if you notice a decrease in extraction efficiency or visible dust build up and damage.

What types of particles do these dust filters capture?

These dust filters are designed to capture a range of particles, including fine sawdust, and other debris typically generated during woodworking processes.

What is the smallest-sized particle that can be extracted?

Our high-quality dust filters and cartridges can capture a wide range of particle sizes down to the finest sawdust. Cartridge filters effectively filter particles as small as 1 micron in diameter, ensuring comprehensive dust control in your woodworking environment.

How do I determine the right size and type of cartridge for my dust extractor?

Consider the specifications of your dust extractor and the volume of dust generated. Larger, more powerful extractors and high-volume woodworking may require bigger, more robust dust cartridge filters.

Are there washable and reusable dust filters available for woodworking applications?

Yes, some dust filters are designed to be washable and reusable, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for dust management in woodworking.

What safety precautions should I consider when changing or cleaning a dust filter?

Wear appropriate PPE, such as masks and gloves, if needed, to avoid inhaling dust. Ensure the extractor is switched off and disconnected from power before changing or cleaning the filter.

Can your dust filters & cartridges handle debris other than sawdust?

Our dust filters and cartridges are specifically designed for handling sawdust and are optimised for use within woodworking environments. It's important to note that using them for materials other than sawdust can void the warranty and potentially damage the machine, including burning out the motor. For the longevity and safety of your equipment, we strongly advise against using our dust collection systems for any debris other than sawdust.

How does a dust filter differ from a dust bag in woodworking extractors?

Dust bags are typically used in woodworking extractors for collecting larger chips and debris. However, our collection doesn’t include dust bags. Instead, our range includes cartridge filters and needle-felt bag filters, each designed for specific filtration needs. Cartridge filters provide superior air quality by capturing much finer dust particles, making them ideal for applications requiring higher filtration precision. Needle-felt bag filters, while not as fine as cartridge filters, still offer effective dust collection for a variety of woodworking projects, balancing efficiency with performance.

Can I use a generic dust filter, or do I need a brand-specific cartridge for my machine?

While generic filters can be used, brand-specific dust cartridge filters are recommended for optimal compatibility and performance with your specific dust extractor model.

How do I optimise the airflow and extraction efficiency using dust filters?

Regular maintenance, correct installation, and choosing the right filter for your machine's capacity can help optimise airflow and extraction efficiency.

How do your Workshop Air Filters work?

Workshop Air Filters function by circulating air through a series of filters, trapping dust particles and recirculating clean air back into the workshop.

What signs indicate that my dust filter or cartridge needs replacement or cleaning?

Signs that your dust filter or cartridge needs attention include a noticeable reduction in suction power, visible dust bypassing the filter, and increased dust accumulation in the workshop. Additionally, if the filter appears visibly clogged or damaged, it's time for cleaning or replacement.

Do any of your extractors have a self-cleaning mechanism?

Yes, we offer dust extractors with self-cleaning mechanisms. These advanced systems automatically clean the filter at regular intervals or initially when turned on, ensuring consistent performance and extending the filter's life.