Bluetooth Earmuffs

Explore superior safety and seamless connectivity with Timbecon's range of earmuffs, perfectly suited for the woodworking enthusiast. Our collection, featuring the advanced IsoTunes series, skillfully combines a high noise reduction rating (NRR) with Bluetooth technology for effortless device integration. Whether you prefer the classic over-the-ear style or helmet-compatible protection, our earmuffs are designed for maximum safety and comfort. 

Our Bluetooth Earmuffs are more than just protective gear; they keep you entertained as you work. Find the earmuffs that best fit your needs with Timbecon. Explore our compact yet comprehensive range online or in-store, and experience a new woodworking safety and convenience standard.



Do they offer hearing protection in addition to audio functionality?

These Bluetooth Earmuffs offer excellent hearing protection, with some models designed with OSHA-compliant hearing Protection. They're perfect for maintaining focus while ensuring your ears are well-protected in a noisy workshop.

Can I listen to music or take calls while wearing these Bluetooth Earmuffs?

Our Bluetooth Earmuffs are designed to let you enjoy music or take calls while working. They seamlessly and wirelessly connect to your devices, providing entertainment, safety and the ability to stay in touch.

What is the protection rating on these headphones, and are they certified?

Our Bluetooth Earmuffs come with a high protection rating, and many are EN 352 and ANSI-certified, ensuring they meet stringent safety standards for hearing protection. You can find the specific dB rating of each pair of headphones on the individual listing pages.

What is the wireless range of these Bluetooth earmuffs?

The wireless range varies, but typically, these earmuffs offer a substantial range from a few metres to up to 9 metres, allowing you freedom of movement around your workspace without losing connection.

Do these offer great audio quality?

Our Bluetooth Earmuffs work first and foremost as hearing protection but still offer good audio quality. They can provide a clear and enjoyable experience when listening to your favourite music or podcasts, even in noisy, machine-filled environments. While the focus is on ensuring your hearing is protected, integrated audio features are still present to make sure you can still take calls or stream audio in your workshop.

Are they compatible with various devices like smartphones, tablets and computers?

Yes, our Bluetooth Earmuffs are designed to be compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and any other Bluetooth-enabled device, ensuring versatile use.

Do the in-ear headphones offer less protection than the over-ear models?

Yes, over-ear earmuffs typically offer more comprehensive hearing protection than in-ear headphones. The over-ear design provides a complete seal around the ear, which effectively reduces outside noise. This feature is particularly important in loud woodworking environments where maximum noise isolation is essential. Our over-ear Bluetooth Earmuffs are designed to deliver superior noise reduction while maintaining comfort, making them ideal for prolonged use in workshops and on job sites.

How do I pair and set up the Bluetooth connection with these earmuffs?

To pair your Bluetooth Earmuffs, first ensure your device's Bluetooth is on. Then, turn on the earmuffs and put them in pairing mode (refer to manual). Your device should detect the earmuffs listed under available Bluetooth devices. Select them to pair, and follow any on-screen instructions to complete the setup. If you encounter any issues, refer to the earmuff's manual for detailed instructions or contact our support team.

Do they come with noise-cancelling or noise-reducing features?

Some of our Bluetooth Earmuffs come with noise-cancelling features, while others are equipped with advanced noise-reducing features designed to lower the levels of harmful workshop noise. While not every model has active noise-cancelling technology, which electronically counteracts external sound, their noise-reducing capability effectively dampens background noise, allowing for better concentration and a safer working environment.

What is the battery life of these Bluetooth earmuffs, and how are they charged?

The battery life of our Bluetooth Earmuffs varies across models, with many offering between 40 and 60 hours of continuous use on a single charge, however, this will change if you spend most of the day taking calls or listening to music. They are typically charged via a USB cable, which can be plugged into a computer, USB adapter, or power bank. This convenient charging method ensures your earmuffs are always ready for your next woodworking session.

What is the warranty on Timbecon's headphones?

Timbecon provides a two-year warranty on all our Bluetooth Earmuffs, underlining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and the product's ability to perform as advertised, provided it's used correctly.

What machines is hearing protection recommended for?

It's recommended to use hearing protection with any machinery that generates significant noise over 70dB, which includes most machinery and power tools like saws, routers, sanders, and planers. These machines produce noise levels that may be harmful over time, so wearing hearing protection is essential for preserving your hearing health.

I only use hand tools; do I still need to use hearing protection?

While hand tools generally produce less noise than power tools, consistent exposure to even moderate noise levels can impact hearing over time. If you want to ensure your hearing is in top condition, it's wise to use hearing protection as a precautionary measure. With Bluetooth Earmuffs, you'll also have the advantage of listening to music or taking calls while working, enhancing your experience even when using hand tools.