ISOtunes Air Defender Bluetooth Earmuffs Black/Orange EN 352 Certified

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    ISOtunes Air Defender Bluetooth Earmuffs Black/Orange EN 352 Certified IT-47

    Comfortable, Convenient and Classic. ISOtunes Air Defender Earmuffs are an ultra-comfortable and lightweight over-ear hearing protection earmuff with Bluetooth connectivity. Designed and built for the professional and enthusiast woodworker alike.

    Your workshop can be a noisy place. And prolonged exposure to noise will lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. Block out dangerous noise with ISOtunes. Industry approved hearing protection that blocks noise while you listen to your favourite music or broadcast.

    Your ISOtunes Air Defender Bluetooth Earmuffs

    Comfortable, Convenient, Classic. This ultra-comfortable and easy-to-use Bluetooth earmuff is a simple solution for any loud environment. Over 20% lighter than other ISOtunes earmuffs, Air Defender gives you 40 hours of listening and talk time without any pain or discomfort.

    Eliminate workplace noise with ISOtunes

    ISOtunes hearing protection keeps those who work and play in loud environments safe. ISOtunes Air Defenders are EN 352 certified, have a 24dB noise reduction rating and feature SafeMax technology that limits the volume to 79dB. Even if you are rocking out in the nosiest place imaginable – you are protected.

    Don’t miss a moment of your favourite broadcast

    ISOtunes provide a high-quality, crystal-clear audio experience. Don’t miss a moment of your favourite broadcast, no matter how noisy the environment is around you.

    Noise-isolating microphone for clear phone calls

    ISOtunes allow for clear phone calls in noisy environments. The noise isolating microphones block out steady state noise so listeners on both ends of the line can hear each other clearly. Take a call without leaving your workspace.

    Proven durability with long battery life

    Designed to meet the toughest of standards for use in the workshop, yard, jobsite and beyond. Sweat and dust resistant with up to 40 hours of battery life – stay connected throughout the day.

    ISOtunes Air Defender are comfortable

    ISOtunes Air Defender Earmuffs feature soft, memory foam ear cushions and head band for a custom fit. They are also 20% lighter than other models of ISOtunes. They are also IPX4 sweat and water resistance. Work in comfort with ISOtunes Air Defender.

    What’s in the box

    ISOtunes Air Defender Earmuffs come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro-USB charging cable. An auxiliary cable. And a set of comprehensive instructions are included in the box.

    The Next Generation of Hearing Protection

    Unlike traditional hearing protection, ISOtunes earbuds and earmuffs utilise cutting edge technology. You are now free to enjoy a safe, convenient, high-quality audio and communication experience while you work.

    Stay Connected and Protected – Order Your ISOtunes Today


    Ultra-lightweight & Memory foam ear cushions and headband

    ISOtunes Air Defender Earmuffs are 20% lighter than other models of earmuffs. They feature soft, memory foam ear and headband cushions for a custom fit. Stay protected and comfortable all day long.

    Up to 40 hour battery life

    Seriously long battery life means less interruptions. These earmuffs also include an Aux input for nonstop listening. Stay connected and protected longer with ISOtunes Air Defender Earmuffs.

    Bluetooth Connectivity

    ISOtunes Earbuds and Earmuffs utilise the latest in Bluetooth technology to maximise your hearing protection experience. ISOtunes Bluetooth hearing protectors integrate seamlessly with your favourite device. Whether it is the cricket on the ABC, Bruce Springsteen via Spotify or your mum calling - you are connected.

    Background noise-reducing microphone for clear calls in loud environments

    ISOtunes signature background noise cancelling microphones allow for clear calls in loud environments. Noise suppression and echo cancellation technologies block out the steady noise from machinery allowing listeners on both ends of the line to hear each other’s voices clearly. There is now no need to leave the workspace or turn off your machine – take the call and chat away.

    IPX4 sweat and water resistance

    Air Defender Earmuffs are reisitantr to water splashes from any direction. Rain or hot sweat producing hot weather won’t damage your ISOtunes Air Defenders.

    SafeMax™ Technology limits volume to 79dB

    ISOtunes signature SafeMax Technology ensures that your earbuds have an 79dB maximum volume limit. ISOtunes won’t damage your hearing, even when used at maximum volume.

    EN 352 Compliant

    The EN 352 standard for earplugs and other hearing protection shows that the product protects adequately against noise. Your personal assurance that your hearing is protected.

    OSHA-Compliant Hearing Protection

    Being compliant with OSHA means to adhere to all applicable US safety regulations that have been developed. Your ISOtunes ear buds are approved for use in environments at or above 80dB over an 8-hour working day.

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