Specialty & Toggle Clamps

Planning a project that requires a table saw or drill press? You will want to make sure you’ve got a toggle clamp in easy reach. Toggle clamps use a lever and pivot system to apply a consistent and secure holding force. As you move the lever, it passes over a pivot point and creates a locking action that will hold your woodworking project firmly in place. The toggle function allows for quick clamping and releasing, making it a good choice for quick and repetitive tasks. 

Secure your Workspace with Toggle Clamps From Timbecon

At Timbecon, we stock horizontal and vertical toggle clamps for all your clamping needs. Both types of toggle clamps come in a range of sizes, meaning you can pick different clamps depending on the level of reach, hold and weight capacity that you need. Most people will find themselves using horizontal toggle clamps with their projects, but it can be useful to have both on hand. Some other types of toggle clamps include inline toggle clamps, swing clamps, bench dog clamps and piston toggle clamps. 

Check-in with our expert team if you’re not sure which speciality clamp is the right one for your project. At Timbecon, we don’t just sell products - we use them too. We’ll be able to advise you on what clamps are right for your project, whether it is toggle clamps, frame clamps, sash clamps or quick-release clamps.

Toggle Clamps: Maximise Safety and Precision

Discover the range of toggle clamps and table clamps at Timbecon today. We’ve gathered together a quality range to ensure you’re using the best possible equipment on your woodworking projects. Looking for some alternatives? Browse the complete collection of woodworking clamps online today. 



What woodworking projects are toggle clamps suitable for?

Toggle clamps are incredibly versatile and well-suited for a myriad of woodworking applications. They're ideal for holding pieces steady during cutting, drilling, or sanding and are particularly useful in fences and jig setups. Their ability to provide a secure hold with quick release makes them a good type of woodworking clamp to have on hand.

Can I use these clamps for metalworking projects as well?

Toggle clamps are not just limited to woodworking; they are also highly effective for metalworking projects. Their strong clamping force makes them suitable for holding during operations like cutting or drilling. Ensure the clamp's materials and capacity are appropriate for the specific metalworking demands.

How do I use bench dog clamps?

Bench dog clamps are a specialty clamp often used in woodworking. These clamps are best used when you need to keep your workpiece stable on the work surface. They are a specialised type of toggle clamp utilising dog holes in the benchtop. Not only do they provide stability for the workpiece, but also allow precise positioning of your project on the workbench.

How do I set up my bench dog clamps?

Position the bench dog pegs in the appropriate holes of your workbench, aligned with your project's size. Depending on the style of bench dog clamp you are using, you might be placing your workpiece against the dogs and then clamping it to press the workpiece firmly against these pegs. Or you may be using them as a standard toggle clamp to hold the workpiece steady against the bench. Either method will create a secure hold, ensuring stability for precision tasks like sawing or chiselling. Ensure the clamp is tightened adequately for a firm grip but without excessive force that might damage the workpiece or the bench.

What is the difference between inline, horizontal and vertical toggle clamps?

The difference in these toggle clamps can largely come down to where you use them. For confined spaces, an inline toggle clamp is useful, as it applies force along the axis of the clamp arm. Horizontal toggle clamps have a handle that moves parallel to the base, best used in low-profile applications. Vertical toggle clamps, on the other hand, feature a handle that moves perpendicular to the base, providing a direct downward force, useful in situations where vertical space isn’t a constraint.

What size T-track do your toggle clamps suit?

Our toggle clamps are designed to be compatible with standard T-track sizes. It's important to check the specific clamp model for its exact T-track compatibility, as some models might be tailored for different track dimensions.

Do you offer different sizes and holding capacities for toggle clamps?

Yes, we offer a range of toggle clamps in various sizes and holding capacities to cater to different requirements. Explore light-duty clamps for delicate tasks or heavy-duty ones for more robust jobs.

Are there any safety considerations when using toggle clamps?

Ensure the clamp is securely attached to the work surface and the workpiece is firmly held. Avoid over-tightening, which can cause damage to both the clamp and the workpiece. Always keep hands and fingers clear of the clamping mechanism when in motion to prevent injury.

How do I choose the right toggle clamp for my project?

Choosing the right toggle clamp involves considering the size and type of your workpiece, the required clamping force, the workspace, and the specific application. Assess whether you need a horizontal, vertical, or inline clamp based on space and force direction. Also, consider the clamp's reach and opening capacity and ensure it matches the size of your workpiece.

What is the warranty coverage for specialty toggle clamps?

All products available through Timbecon carry a minimum two-year warranty, regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty. These warranty terms apply to any toggle clamps in our range. For any toggle clamps from Sherwood, we offer a five-year warranty, and for those from Torquata, a Limited Life Time warranty - conditions apply. Find out more about our warranties on our FAQs page, or give one of our expert team a call today.