Baladonia Vertical Toggle Clamps - Small

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    Baladonia Vertical Toggle Clamps - Small TCV-01

    The best value Vertical Toggle Clamps on the market

    For repetitive clamping in both woodworking and metalworking applications, toggle clamps are the go-to accessory to hold work pieces in place when working on them. Available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit practically all situations.

    The larger the overall size of the clamp, the greater the clamping strength. 

    Why these Toggle Clamps?

    These toggle clamps are produced from a longtime, quality manufacturer and can be relied on in all situations, from the home workshop right through to heavy-duty, industrial applications in manufacturing.

    Please note that all clamping thicknesses can be increased by mounting a spacer under the clamp base. All toggle clamps can be mounted in the 5/16in t-track by using either the standard 5/16in t-bolts and nuts or standard hex-head 1/4in bolts and matching nuts.

    Toggle Clamp Specifications

    Code Description Reach Height Closed Maximum Clamping Thickness
    TCV-01 Small Clamp 105mm 185mm 42.5mm


    $21.90 (inc GST)

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