Bessey Clamps

The world's best clamping technology, first created all the way back in 1889, has always been a staple at Timbecon. Is Bessey German for 'The best clamps in the world'? We don’t know if the translation is true but we think that the statement is!

People just assume that there is some industry-wide agreement that all including table clamps should be black with wooden red handles, but in fact it was Bessey that came up with the original f-clamp design that other companies imitate but can never replicate. Just like Hoover was the original vacuum, Bessey was the original f-clamp.

They've also come up with a myriad of other products such as parallel clamps (which Bessey call K-Body Revo’s), plus lightweight but powerful KliKlamps, simple-to-handle DuoKlamps and so much more. All of these products are constantly developed, tested, refined with new versions being released regularly that improve on the performance of the previous generation. An example of this is the K-Body Evo Clamp range released in late 2017 - while most customers would likely say that the original K-Body clamps were good enough, Bessey have updated and released new versions that perform even better.

Unlike hand planes you don’t see a secondhand market for Bessey clamps because what you buy now is the best they’ve ever made, until their new models come out. Sure we have other clamps that are cheaper than the Bessey’s but you do pay for what you get and if you want the best, you want 100% German engineered and globally manufactured clamps. And we’re proud to say you can now get them from us!

"One, who stops improving himself, has already ceased to be good" – Bessey behave and work to this guiding principle set out by the founder of the company - Max Bessey - all the way back in 1889. Its not often you see constant innovation for such a historic company that's 125 years young.