Bessey Single Edge Clamp

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    Bessey Single Edge Clamp KT-51-CP

    An incredibly cost-effective single screw Bessey Edge Clamp

    For so many years, we faced a complete lack of edge clamps on the market that were durable, made by premium European manufacturers and yet still fit in at a price point that you would actually happily fork over for an edge clamp. These clamps tick every edge banding box.

    They apply pressure through the bar, a solid, industrial-grade cast iron body over the entire clamp. This huge pressure allows you to edge band and glue up with one hand, simultaneously. They're fantastic for tough to reach areas and remain relatively light-weight for the serious pressure they're able to sustain.

    Single Screw Bessey Edge Banding Clamp Features

    • Practical accessory for clamping edges and difficult to reach areas
    • The clamping end of the shafts feature a ball-mounted disk with a no-mar cover
    • Suitable for conventional screw clamps with a maximum rail thickness of 13mm
    • Unbeatable price point for the quality that's offered
    • Solid iron cast bodies
    • Bar anchor point for extremely even, easy pressure

    The best acme screw manufacturers in clamping

    The acme screws, like on every Bessey clamp, are streaks ahead of every competitor on the market. It never applies strain on your wrist, so they're fantastic for regular woodworkers who can't face the prospect of another surgery-inducing clamp winding mechanism (like us). Best of all, it saves you an incredible amount of time over the span of a single project, not to mention a lifetime.

    Definitely our favourite edge clamps on the Aussie market. 


    New Woodworker

    "Edge banding has often been the most aggravating part of a project especially if using air-driven mechanical fasteners goes against your sense of what is right and wrong. For those of us who are limited to only two hands, edge banding can get down right frustrating.

    "The folks at Bessey have obviously been there, done that and came away from the experience motivated to develop better ideas. As you might expect, the number one company in clamps has once again made the woodworking world a bunch easier and decidedly less frustrating."



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