Lathes & Attachments: The Backbone of Woodturning

Timbecon offers a wide range of wood lathes, attachments and turning tools for sale. With this collection, we aim to provide everything you need to get woodworking. All Woodworking tools are available online and offline across Australia.

Our range includes various models from leading brands like Sherwood and Vicmarc, ensuring there's something for every level of woodturning expertise. These lathes are the backbone of any woodturning project, offering precision and ease for both small-scale and large-scale works.


The Right Lathe for Every Project

Selecting the right lathe is crucial. Our collection includes micro lathes for intricate work, midi lathes for general projects, and full-sized lathes for larger pieces. Each lathe is designed to provide stability and control, ensuring your workpiece turns out precisely as planned.


Attachments: Enhancing Your Woodturning Experience

The right attachments can transform your lathe. From tool rests to faceplates, our attachments are designed to enhance your lathe's capabilities, allowing you to tackle various projects confidently.


What types of woodturning projects are these lathes suitable for?

From crafting small decorative items to shaping large pieces of timber, our lathes cater to a wide range of projects.

How do I maintain my lathe?

Regular cleaning and lubrication are key. We also offer maintenance advice and parts for your lathe.

Can beginners use these lathes?

Our range includes lathes suitable for beginners, with features that make learning woodturning accessible.

Do you offer lathe accessories?

Indeed, we have a variety of accessories like chucks and turning tools to complement your lathe.

What makes your lathes stand out?

Our focus is on quality and reliability, ensuring each lathe offers exceptional performance and durability.

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