Micro Jig

Micro Jig, like many of the best woodworking brands you see in the market today, started life from an avid weekend woodworker's invention.

Henry was using his table saw and found it difficult and dangerous to control smaller work pieces close to the blade and we all know conventional push sticks simply don't cut the mustard. So he worked over a number of years to come up with the design for the GRR-Ripper Material Control System that now enjoys use by more than 100,000 woodworkers around the world.

While the core of the GRR-Ripper remains identical to the original design (which demonstrates just how good the product design is on Micro Jig products), there are now a number of attachments that enhance its usability across a range of applications in the workshop - not just on the table saw.

And over the years, numerous new products have joined the line-up such as the MJ Splitter, MicroDial Tapering Jig plus items such as the new, and very versatile MatchFit Clamps. Plus there are many more to come so keep a look-out for what they'll be coming up with next.