MicroJig BladeMatch Table Saw Arbor Shim Set

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    MicroJig BladeMatch Table Saw Arbor Shim Set AS-6

    Cut with greater accuracy, consistency, and confidence on your table saw with BLADEMATCH Arbor Shims. With 6 easy to use shims, you can maximize the performance of your table saw with perfect alignment. Take out the guesswork and frustration when tuning up your table saw or aligning your saw blades. Works with almost any size table saw blade and almost any table saw. Use the Arbor Shims to calibrate your saw blade for a consistent cut. Set each different saw blade to the right setting so each and every cut are perfectly align and gives you better fitting projects. They're very easy to use. Simply make a cut with your saw blade (or multiple saw blades), measure the difference in the cut using a caliper and fill the difference using the preset shim dimensions. Cut with superior precision. Align your saw blade with your riving knife or splitter system to maximum safety. And never be out of alignment no matter which saw blade you use. Work safer. Work smarter. A true MICROJIG innovation. 

    • Maximize the performance of your table saw with perfect alignment
    • Takes the guesswork out of table saw alignment with 6 easy to use shims
    • Cut more accurately so your project fit together like you want
    • Forget the frustration of trying to tune up your saw the old fashioned way
    • Align your cut effortlessly with your riving knife and splitter system for must-have safety
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