General-Purpose Saw Blades

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    General-Purpose Saw Blades

    January Sale!

    Save on the 7.5% on the 10in General-Purpose Blade or buy the 12in General-Purpose Blade and get the CMT-2050 Saw Blade & Router Bit Cleaner included for free (RRP $19.00)!

    For optimal quality rip and crosscuts in soft and hardwoods plus wood-based panels, these blades are classified as general purpose but with a difference.  The special Industrial Chromium Micrograin Carbide (0.5µm) reduces the cutting edge abrasion; while improving cut quality and extending the tool life. Combined with Mirror Finish Sharpening, which features less than 0.25µm Rmax edge roughness; it guarantees extra-clean cuts and extended tool life.

    They also have a special Chrome Coating which -

    • Protects from overheating
    • Protects against corrosion and rust
    • Reduces resin build-ups
    • Improves chip ejection
    • Improves performance and cutting life

    They are also a Low-Noise Saw Blade - slots are filled with orange polyurethane that reduces vibration and noise (<86 dB); whilst improving the cutting quality and extending the tool's lifetime.

    Code Dia. Bore Teeth Kerf Plate Hook Top Grind
    28564010-M 250mm 30mm 40 3.2 2.2 15° 10° ATB
    28564812-M 300mm 30mm 48 3.2 2.2 15° 10° ATB

    Want to learn more about why CMT saw blades are so good?

    250mm Diameter
    Only $73.00 (inc GST)
    Normally: $79.00
    300mm Diameter
    Only $109.00 (inc GST)

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