Torquata's router bits, saw blades & clamping range are quickly becoming a force within the Australian woodworking industry.

Torquata (pronounced Torq - ata) began life in the mid-1990s, as a West-Australian brand dedicated to delivering reliability and value in woodworking.

The first test a Torquata product goes through? That it will last under all workshop conditions, from a home enthusiast to an industrial-scale furniture maker.

Every single item has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects - we guarantee that it Just Works When You Need It To and you can rely on a Torquata tool every time you reach for it.

The core of the Torquata range - the expansive collection of router bits and saw blades - had their first taste of Australian timber in Western Australia, cutting their teeth by machining hardwoods like Jarrah and Marri. West Aussies have long been skeptical of the ability of their cutting tools due to the hard-wearing properties of local timbers, but the fact that Timbecon continues to sell more of these excellent bits and blades every year to returning WA customers says it all.

The second test a Torquata product goes through? That it moves the game forward.

Every tool has to offer something that other products on the market aren't able to deliver. Whether they're delivering outstanding value or exceptional innovation, each provides the perfect solution to a problem that woodworkers have.

As long as a product meets these two tests it can be a Torquata product - When It Just Works When You Need It To.

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