Torquata 100mm Scroll Chuck Pen Plus Jaws

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    Torquata 100mm Scroll Chuck Pen Plus Jaws TSCPP-100

    For a quick rundown of these jaws, watch our video above....

    Pen Plus Jaws easily convert your Torquata Chuck into a fast and accurate pen blank drilling facility. The big jaw profile provides a vibration free, solid grip for all sizes of pen blanks and an accurate centred hole every time. Being able to finely control the drill feed on the lathe is a big advantage to prevent break out on those delicate pen walls. Also perfect for squaring up the pen blank ends after gluing in the pen kit tubes.

    Jaw Travel Contracting 14 x 14 – 35 x 35mm
    Jaw Travel Expanding 43 – 75mm

    $44.90 (inc GST)

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